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The biggest myth is that you must be completely Italian, have an Italian last name, or be Italian on your father's side only to join or even be made.

They allow people who are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th or even less Italian in their heritage join as long as they are white and look Italian or Mediterranean.

This myth is perpetuated by movies and TV shows which are full of wrong misinformation masquerading as fact.


While there are examples of guys getting made who were half Italian, almost always they had last names that were Italian. And in recent years that relaxing of the rules to allow non-Italians in has been curbed. You gotta be full blood or damn near close to it.

John Veasey was I believe a 1/4 Italian. The surname Veasey is also French.

What is the make up of Frank Martines?