I've been reading Hortis's book, must say I don't understand the fuss over it. Any book that revels in the fact that it includes primary source research I have to wonder about. Every nonfiction book is supposed to have that although we know some probably use 20 other books as their source material. I still think Raabs is the definitive book on New York. Can anyone tell me what Hortis offers us that's new? I think Capeci was being quite generous but did he even read it? I don't believe he's written about it. He did for example write a long column about Mafia Summit which I think is excellent (the writer does make some juvenile factual errors). I just finished "Mob Boss" and thought it had some great insight. I'm also reading Havana Nocturn and am enjoying it a lot. Also still reading Mob and the City, also Mafia Republic. Next up, the Outfit. Any feedback on Mob & City?