"He explains, in his book, the loss of tradition, honor and the way of life he knew during this process. And from being a strictly Sicilian "thing", the Mafia started to recruit mainland Italians, who werenīt exposed to this Sicilian tradition and way of life from birth, and therefore couldnīt fully understand it. These things is what I believe Bonanno meant by "The Mafia is a process".

I agree with your assessment in the above paragraph. Bonanno seemed to lament this change throughout his book.

As to Marazano's construct, I didn't mean to imply within the Borgata, i.e. the rank and structure, but without. This is why there has never been a sixth or seventh family added to the five within New York.

Lastly, all this misinformation and misconceptions floating around out there may be by design.

Imagine you and I were Boss and Underboss (I'll let you be boss:)and we came up with a plan to "hit" a rival gangster, say Dutch Schultz.

Would it not be beneficial for you and I, knowing that the hit would soon be made public and knowing that folks would be able to connect the hit in some way back to us, to spread as much misinformation mixing it in with some truth?

This would greatly benefit us if we were ever charged with the crime and went to trial. Contradictory testimony by witnesses on the how, why and who would go to the heart if a defense strategy. They call it reasonable doubt.

I heard Schultz was hit because the new Syndicate thought he was too much a renegade.

I heard he insulted Charlie's girlfriend.

I heard it was Bo Weinberg's brother wanting to get revenge, etc.

Misinformation can, at some points, be a more powerful defense then straight up denial.

Years down the road, the only ones who would really know the truth would be those directly involved.

Ergo, do we really ever know the real history and facts? Does law enforcement?

Personally, I believe the Chicago Outfit, Marcellos, Trafficante, and Roselli were in someway involved with the assassination of JFK, and may have had direct involvement.

Jim Garrison probably did more at helping spread the disinformation more than anyone. But all we are left with is circumstantial evidence and numerous conspiracy theories floating around.