I´m not talking about the Jewish syndicate, when I refer to the Commission. I´m talking about the Commission, formed by the five leaders of the New York Mafia, in late 1931. Whatever the Jewish gangsters may have had as a supreme ruling body of their organisation (and I´m doubtful they had any actually) shouldn´t be confused with the Mafia Commission. You quote Carl Sifakis in your post above. Sifakis may be a historian, but he is definitely not a researcher. His "The Mafia Encyclopedia" is full of factual errors and shouldn´t be regarded as a legit source. Never did the Jewish gangsters have any seats or votes on the Mafia Commission. No matter what Sifakis says.

There are three primary main sources on the early NY Mafia (late 1920s to 1950s) you should keep in higher regard. They are Joseph Valachi, Joseph Bonanno and Nicola Gentile. David Critchley´s book "The Origin of Organized Crime in America", for example, uses these three main sources heavily on subjects within that time frame (late 1920s to 1950s). Joseph Bonanno, who was actually a participant in the Castellammarese war and with an overview of the war second to none, tells in his "A Man of Honor" (from about page 93) about the origin and the leading up to the war. The first casualties were Milazzo and Perrino in Detroit, two Castellammaresi whose deaths needed to be avenged. They were both killed in 1930. (It´s not certain if Gaetano Reina´s murder can be considered part of the war, but in any case, the murder happened in 1930.) If you can find any relaible sources of killings in 1928 and 1929 related to the war, please post them here.

Salvatore Maranzano did not establish the five Families. As the boss of bosses, he had the authority to replace bosses. The five Families were established way before the Castellammarese war. In the late 1920s, the New York Families were led by Nicola Schiro (Bonanno Family), Joe Masseria (Genovese Family), Joseph Profaci/Salvatore DiBella (Colombo Family), Al Mineo (Gambino Family) and Gaetano Reina (Lucchese Family). How far back these five Families goes, nobody knows. They were not formed or created or born in 1931.

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