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Back in the day, a boss was free to order any killing of a member of his Family if he found it to be necessary, without answering to the Commission.

Yes. A made guy couldn't kill another made guy without the boss's permission, but the boss could do anything within his family. That's why it's good to be the king...

However, killing a boss or a boss ordering the killing of another boss, without the Commission´s permission was a BIG no no.

Supposed to be a big no no. Albert Anastasia whacked his boss, Vincent Mangano, and simply showed up at the next Commission meeting, plopped himself down in Mangano's chair--and no one said boo to him. John Gotti socialized his plan to whack Castellano and Bilotti with key members of the Gambino Family and certain key members of other families (but not their Dons). No one said no to him. The Commission took no action against Gotti, probably because they'd been afraid that Castellano would rat them out rather than go to prison. The only exception was Chin Gigante, who arranged for Gotti's car to be bombed. His then-consigliere, Frankie DiCicco, was killed instead. Giganti was acting on his own, not on behalf of the Commission.

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