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Many people on these boards, especially younger people, ask questions or make statements about Mob life that are often myths--not realities. I'd like to start a thread that helps clear up the myths. I'll post occasionally, and ask you to post your own ideas, thoughts, explanations. Here's the first:


Many younger people believe that getting "made" in the Mafia is the ultimate glory. Nothing could be further from the truth: Getting "made" is just about the worst thing that could happen to anyone:

First you have to serve an "apprenticeship," during which...

"Honored Society"? You'd be better off washing dishes for a living.

First off, pretty good post. It's as full of myth and opinion, as any other story dealing the 'mafia.' Second, If anyone here is really young, and looking to get 'made' by reading posts on an anonymous website, I doubt they know any real gangsters.

The scene was always filled with rats and worse. It's why there has always been so much bloodshed and killings. All cities have not been alike. More violence in NYC families during some decades while Boston/New England remained relatively calm.

Final thought: most I know ended up badly, but some had a good run.

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