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Here´s another myth that has been circulating the internet for many years. The man depicted here in the attachment is NOT Salvatore Maranzano. It´s actually Salvatore Messina who was a gangster located in London, England.
There are pictures of the slain Maranzano´s body, but none of them shows his face. Nobody has ever managed to find a picture of Maranzano´s face which is quite fascinating but frustrating at the same time.

Harry doesn't the Bonnano book have pictures of Maranzano in it? Joe Bonnano spoke so highly of him, seems to me he should have had some private pictures of the man.

Would be interesting to see his face, the man is an important part of Mob History.

He is so often mentioned, not only in articles found on the net but also in many, many mob books published throughout the years.
So it is surprising that there is no photo available that shows his face properly.
He was never arrested, so no mugshots of him exists. I know that many researchers have contacted Maranzano´s today living relatives but to no avail. Either these relatives do not possess any pictures of him or they are not willing to provide them with any pictures. Which is understandable.
However, there are, to my knowledge, three snapshots of his dead body lying on the floor of his Park Avenue office. These are genuine, since they accord to a sketch made by the New
York county coroner’s office at the time of his assassination in 1931.
The thrid one appears in the Bonanno book, but is not the best of quality and it shows only his torso if I´m not mistaken.

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