How about its sister rule, no harming women?

When Gus Greenbaum refused to run the Riviera Hotel for Tony Accardo, his innocent sister was murdered, and when he later began skimming and refused town, his throat was slit, his innocent wife as well. And this was after showgirl Estelle Carey was burned alive as a message to her informant boyfriend. When Jimmy Burke associate Angelo Sepe had finally made it through all the violence following the Lufthansa Heist, he decided to rob a mob connected dealer. He was shot with a gun with a silencer. His sleeping girlfriend who had obviously witnessed and heard nothing was killed as well. Worst of all, when Roy DeMeo murdered a female witness and was called on the carpet about it, he told Paul Castellano, 'she might have talked'. The old school Castellano just shrugged. And let's not forget the rapists in high positions, like Christie Tick and Joe Adonis. Forget the honor in the movies, the mob is no more moral than the street gangs in LA.