It's been said that a uncultured man will kill his friends before his enemies and that's what mobsters do. The yuppie lawyers rake in the cash when these guys get arrested, even if they plead out the lawyers get paid well. Meanwhile the mob guys, while out on bail, have to keep earning to pay the lawyers/mob associates who get alot of their cash while assuming none of the risk. Than you get a prosecutor like Guiliani who makes a career of prosecuting you and has a nice run in politics to boot. The FBI guys? They run up fat expense accounts sitting at various locations conducting "surveillance" on the taxpayers dime. So at the end of the day the lawyers are putting their kids through law school, creating the next generation of high-class shysters, the FBI guys have nice nest eggs from all the promotions and work they've gotten chasing the mob guys around and the mob guy is sitting in prison with his family on the outside. A very bad life. To speak nothing of the stress of being prosecuted, prison, possibility of unexpected death and being ordered to kill.