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O.K, so I'm busy reading "Born to the Mob" which is about FRank Saggio who was the nephew of "Philly Lucky" Giaccone (one of the 3 murdered Bonnano capo's).

Frank Saggio claimed that early in his criminal career he and a couple of his buddies sometimes stole cars for Patty Testa.
He claimed to have been at the Gemini sometimes and that he sometimes saw Richard Kuklinksi!!!!!
Now I'm a big Kuklinski dis-believer but could this be the first time another mob guy has verified one of Kuklinski's claims?
The trouble I now have is that the Kuklinski book claimed that he always met DeMeo AWAY from the Gemini (usually in a diner somewhere)!

The plot thickens..........

I've done a lot of research on Kuklinski myself. You are correct that he USUALLY met Roy away from the lounge. Typically at street corners, diners, or parking lots. However, Richard did do quite a bit of business in the lounge. There have been claims by him to help dispose of bodies inside the club. Pick up money. Give information. Anything of the sort. He spent a fair amount of time inside the lounge.

I'm not 100% sure about any previous guys admitting to seeing Richard or anything. Never really cared to do research on it. However, this is the first I've heard about it. So I would have to say that yes, this is probably one of the first verifications.
im sorry to burst your bubble but the iceman is the biggest liar of the face of modern crime. the guy made the most ridicoulos claims ever! galante, costellano, hoffa, the list goes on and on. let me tell you the only associate involved in the killing of costelano was joe the german watts. and just like with jimmy burke, mr watts would have been a capo if his last name was wattio instead watts. there was one survelliance photo of the ice man at the gemini lounge. there was tons of surveilance on roy, the twins, and whoever else dared to be around those guys. if his claims were true the iceman would have went down with roy in 83.

I hate Dicknoses!!!!!!