As for dealing in Heroin, Even before Gotti was boss his crew were the largest Herion Dealers in the Family at the time. Yet Gotti never got dirty hands from it. The feds and everyone else knew Gotti was taking the money from it.

People are confused about the death sentence in the Mafia on dealing drugs.

Its not "dont deal drugs" its "dont get caught dealing drugs"

FatGirl:Your cute
FatGirl:So you wanna buy me a drink?
FatGirl:Why not?
Me:Well Its tricky pumpkin,If I buy u a drink, every fat girl in here would think I liked fat girls & ask me to buy them a drink also. See ,I dont like fat girls unless im wasted and given Im only one drink deep so far, so you better buy me the drink honey, cause this 20 bucks aint covering the booze and drive thru ill need to take you home tonight

08/13/2009-jvanley Spanky Bar, 3rd stool from the left