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Was Bonnano retired when the Galante hit was made or was he just banned from New York? Didn't he and his sons have crews in Arizona and California? I thought Bonnano was out of the picture before the whole Donnie Brasco thing exploded also, or was he running Brooklyn from Arizona?

Bonanno got chased out of New York in the mid-1960's and he was more or less retired from that point on. He didn't have any clout to run the family in New York and certainly not from across the country. His sons and some others had some things going on in Arizona and Calfornia but nothing major that would involve entire crews. It was just them at that point. I've read in one or two places that he was consulted before the hit on Galante but I don't know if that's actually true or not. Where Bonanno comes back into the picture later on is his book "A Man of Honor," which included a chapter on the Commission and inspired Rudy Giuliani to indict the entire Commission in New York in the mid-1980's. Bonanno was called to testify but refused and was jailed for contempt.

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