I was in Leeds for my birthday yesterday and me and my good lady were sitting in a bar enjoying a frothy ale or 3 and had the misfortune of sitting next to 2 chaps who quite frankly were talking a load of crap. Whilst we have no "mafia" as such in the UK we do have villains and blood families who control organised crime. The main family in Newcastle these days is a rum bunch called the Sears who over the last 10 years have ousted another rum bunch called the Conroy's,who all got too old or went to jail.

Well these 2 blokes sitting in Leeds (which is over 100 miles from Newcastle) were talking about the Conroys,how they knew them and did "business" with them and they were this and that etc.etc.etc.

I of course knew they were talking utter rubbish but being the gent i am said nothing,drank up and just left. The moral of the tale is there are always wannabee idiots who talk themselves up about things they know nothing about.

Sad really!

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