You are not alone, Tru-Bizelli. I always used to day dream about the Mob and maybe joining it some day, of course that would be the earlier Mafia like in the 40's or 50's because back then, the honor,respect, and all of the qualities of an "honored society" were there in some respects and back then mafiosos, at least some of them, could be half way decent people and stand up guys, I'm not saying they were saints but not all of them were slimy,no good, swindlers, heartless killers, and genuine scumbags. In the more modern days, that isn't there anymore. 95% or more of mobsters are the aforementioned scumbags, killers, etc.

The glory days of the mafia are no more. There's no more, shall I say, "Team" aspect to it. Everybody only cares about themselves and about saving their own asses. I would never dream of getting into that life today but back then, I would be a bit less confrontational towards that path.

Do I make any sense to the people here when I say that?


"I truly feel sorry for the younger generation that wants to belong to that life. It's sad for them. There is absolutely no honor and respect today. Little do the newcomers know that there are many made members in the Mafia that wish not to be there and would like nothing better than to walk away from it. So they do the next best thing: stay low key if possible. The young newcomers will never see the kind of big money that was once made. That's long gone. They don't realize what it means to be free and have peace of mind until its taken from them."

This is a qoute from gaspipe casso and it sums up my opinion on the mob pretty well, for a murderous scumbag and a terrible person, he has a way with words LOL. the funny thing is that he talks about being an honorable mafioso whe he ordered the murder of a guy's family

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