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Addendum to above: Lucky convened a Commission meeting in Havana late in '46 and tried to use it to make a comeback. But someon (maybe Vito Genovese) tipped the US government, which leaned on the Cuban government to send him back to Italy.

That was covered in HAVANA NOCTURNE, wasn't it, TB?

The Havana meeting is a matter of record, and all the standard organized crime histories mention it. "Havana Nocturne" (as you know, PB) has the standard photo of Luciano, in gabardine cap, holding a suitcase, and being escorted by military men. Most books say it shows Luciano being escorted out of Cuba, back to Italian exile. "Havana Nocturne" says the photo shows Italian military escorting Luciano to Cuba for the meeting--which I seriously doubt.

The story about Genovese ratting out Luciano's presence in Havana to US authorities was mentioned in one of the books (I've forgotten which), but I haven't read it elsewhere, which is why I said "maybe."

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