it might not have been 200 murders but the pile of bodies the demeo crew piled up wasn't exagerated. most crews have 1 stone cold killer. that whole original crew anthony joey henry chris and roy were all stone cold killers not to mention the link that roy had to the iceman. no one will ever know how many chopped up bodies anthonys uncle's garbage company bought to fountain ave. i think dominic montiglio exagerated more about his own importance then he did about the demeo crew. he tried to make himself look like more then just ninos collection boy. also the gottis didn't turn down the contract on roy. gene gotti was caught on a wire tap saying how hard it would be to get roy with the army of killers he had with him. castellano also spoke to frankie decicco about killing roy and eventually it was decided nino brought him into the life so he should be the one to take him out of it. although never proven nino was allegedly the one who shot roy and joey and anthony fired the shots behind each ear

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