It is true Roy was a stone cold killer,the book is
quite exagerated told by a guy that was looking at life
in prison,but the cops in their infinite wisdom as also
being just as lazy pinned over 200 murders on Demeos crew,
they figured Roy was dead so what the hell,as for demeo jr.
it was very upsetting to him to read the story of his father
in a book by capeci,being told by a coke head that his father
helped many of times.Same as rise and fall,told to capeci by
sammy and some other snitches,the kids life has been ruined
but his father was quite saavy in the money end of things so
no one in the immediate family longs for a thing,he was a
great earner,just a note,the Gotti bros turned down the
contract to clip Demeo,they feared that faction of the
Gambino family,and it was no secret that the Gotti crew was
next to go after neil passed.