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What’s the deal?

Is it Ginos, Pats or Steve’s?

Which is the Best?

Why , u plannin' a visit Dues??...2 answer the ? IMO....either Tony Lukes or John's roast pork stand on Oregan ..here in the N.E. philly , Steve's prince of steaks...Ginos & Pat's is strictly 4 tourists..DiNics in the Reading Terminal is a great sandwich also..sometimes ur old corner mom & pop shop where u grew up might b a fav...depends on where u grew up..the roll... the meat & how they chop or mince (eww) it..alot of factors go into a great steak sandwich..an age old ? that will keep on being debated throughout the generations.

Been to Phili Park once, did not get a cheese steak but went to an outstanding Strip club,,,,,, I was much younger.
If I ever get there again , you will know.

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