First off, do NOT make public accusations about other members. PM SC or myself by reporting a post and then commenting on it. We may not see it right away, but it creates a record of the incident.

Secondly, there are many people here who own multiple accounts -- and that will not stand any more. It's in the rules that everyone agreed to, multiple times, and people still do it thinking they won't get caught. While in the past I've been a bit lax on it (unless trouble started), I'm going to have to get stricter about it apparently. As usual, a few ruin it for everyone.

Some of you may hear from me via PM, sooner or later, and you'll have some explaining to do. If the explanations are unsatisfactory, then ALL accounts will be closed/deleted and you'll be banned for life.

If you're not here to contribute in a positive manner to the discussions, then I suggest you retire from here. If you're harassing other members, you may be reported by them to the authorities -- and I will provide all information I have to the authorities, and you might just end up in court. It's happened, trust me!

So cut the shit already, please!