The Godfather IV: The Fall of the Corleone


Somewhere in the Colombian jungle Vincent Corleone comes down from a military plane to make arrangements with Pablo Escobar to be the largest supplier of cocaine in the East Coast; with him there are zips come out losers from the first mafia war and to save themselves decide to escape in America.

Vincent says that the Tramonti,Drago and the other east coast families agree to gave their money to him to buy the drugs but want to exclude the other 5 families that still have an alliance with the Sicilians for heroin.

1986 while Vincent is celebrating his birthday at a luxury club in New York, the FBI bursts to arrest Michael Corleone that believes to be the real head of the family while Vincent escapes.

Michael Francis Rizzi, a veteran from Vietnam and CIA agent decides to escape his uncle and thanks to a false medical report manages to let him escape, from the Rikers Island hospital, in return he has to do as a representative of his nephew with the South American dictators who accept the weapons that the CIA sent in exchange for cocaine.

Vincent sinks deeper into paranoia and using the cocaine during a quarrel stabbed Tony Corleone, which ran the legal operations of the family, don't killing him and replaced with David Wolowitz a ruthless Wall Street brokers.

Vincent increasingly paranoid decides to don't appear almost never in public, then is nicknamed The Ghostfather and the situation is worsening in the early 90s, deaded the old capodecina, new caporegimes increasingly compromised with drug traffick .

One of them Roy Miglia, said the Butcher decides together with the new guard to declare war to the old guard, so blow up the Corleone War.

In 1997, at the funeral of Michael Corleone in New York few men of Miglia trying to stab with plastic knives Vincent, that survives while many of his lieutenants die.

Roy Miglia declares himself boss of the family which splits into two faction with the bodies continue to pile up on both sides with the other families that took advantage of the weakness of the Corleones.
In 2000 with Vincent weakened by HIV, and Miglia sentenced to life was chosen a rulin panel to re-up the family

Final scene: Vincent Corleone before dying sees the ghost of Mary Corleone and then drowned in his own blood.