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#738894 - 09/08/13 04:04 PM Where's all the Rochester, NY Info??
oldirtyfishkilla Offline

Registered: 08/28/12
Posts: 54

Loc: The South
I know I sound like a broken record about the Rochester, NY family but the fact of the matter is that I'm just fascinated by it. Here you had a family who broke away from another family (Buffalo), ran it's boss out of town (Valenti), set bombs off all over the city to defer attention and then split into three different warring factions. No to mention most of the high-ranking members were found guilty of murder, sentenced to 25-Life and then let out because the police and sheriff's department lied, tampered with evidence and made false plea bargains resulting in all of their releases.

So my question is, with the exception of Georgia Durante's book and The Hammer Conspiracies, why don't we know/hear more about the Rochester Family? Where are the photos?? News articles? Etc...

Sure enough someone on here was around at that time and saw/knew/"heard" of things. It's even hard to find archived newspaper articles, videos, first hand accounts.. The Hammer Conspiracies was supposed to be made into a movie but POOF disappeared. I have scoured the internet, library files and old news sites and it's always the same mug shots and articles. Nothing new.

The other thing is that these guys have kids/grandkids that still live in the area and it has been eluded to that they are in the game "small-time."

Does anyone here have anything to share, post, trade? Please let me know as I'd love to know anything and everything!

#738978 - 09/09/13 06:12 AM Re: Where's all the Rochester, NY Info?? [Re: oldirtyfishkilla]
IvyLeague Offline

Registered: 08/13/08
Posts: 6701
If you mean, why don't we hear anything about present activity, it's because there is no structured, viable family there anymore. Hasn't been for a long time. Below is what I have for cases involving some members and/or associates still remaining in recent years...

In May 2000, Rochester LCN associate Robert Vaccaro, part owner of the Titanic nightclub, was shot and killed.

In June 2000, Rochester LCN member Thomas Marotta was indicted in the Western District of New York on charges of conspiracy, cocaine trafficking in Rochester and New York City, laundering $200,000 to $350,000 in gambling and drug profits, transporting 6 stolen vehicles from Rochester to Cleveland, and trafficking in $120,000 to $200,000 in stolen food stamps.

In December 2000, as part of a larger drug trafficking case that stretched from New York to Cleveland and California, Rochester LCN associate Albert Ranieri, attorney Anthony Leonardo Jr., and Daryl Graham were indicted in the Western District of New York on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine, money laundering, an armored car robbery of $11 million, and murder.

In July 2004, Rochester LCN member Frank Frassetto Sr., Frank Frassetto Jr., and Philip Frassetto were indicted in Rochester on charges of conspiracy to traffic in 5 kilos of cocaine and 1 kilo of heroin from 1997 to 2000.

In June 2005, Rochester LCN members Dominic "Sonny" Celestino and Frank Frassetto Sr. were indicted in the Western District of New York on charges of conspiracy to steal $90 million from a financial institution in New York and wire the money to Miami.
"If you believe there's a hell...I don't know if you're into that...but we're already pretty much going there, right? But I'm not going to lie down until I get there."

- Walter White

#738988 - 09/09/13 11:05 AM Re: Where's all the Rochester, NY Info?? [Re: IvyLeague]
oldirtyfishkilla Offline

Registered: 08/28/12
Posts: 54

Loc: The South

Thanks for those clips but I was referring more to the 70's, 80's 90's info. There are some people out there who have researched the hell out of it but kip a lid on the photos, videos, documents etc.... Just trying to see if I can pry that lid off.


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