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#709354 - 04/09/13 09:31 AM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863
Looks like The Smuggler has lost support of Criminal Action Force no way would Real IRA people be coming to CAF members looking for money.

As we know from Criminal Action Force statement on Sligo link

That CAF would attack Real IRA.

If we go back to Criminal Action Force statement above link

CAF said: “John Wilson was aligned to a faction that had left CAF more than a year ago.

The Smuggler and John Wilson were said to be part of the same gang so by the looks of things The Smuggler is on his own with whatever deal he done with the Real IRA now up in the air.

I can not recall a Criminal Action Force statement on any deal with Real IRA so all the paper press is BS The Smuggler is not the Mr big boots yous were making out he was by the looks of things The smuggler is in no mans land.

The smuggler must have did a deal with Real IRA for him alone sly move on Criminal Action Force ?

Edited by abc123 (04/09/13 09:36 AM)

#709366 - 04/09/13 12:40 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863

Niall O'Connor – 08 April 2013 10:40 AM

RELATIVES of murdered terror boss Alan Ryan took part in a demo calling for the release from prison of his brother.
Also in this section

Some 30 protesters outside the GPO in Dublin demanded the release of Vincent Ryan (22) and Daragh Evans (23), who are accused of being members of an illegal organisation styling itself the Real IRA.

Among those in the crowd was another of Alan Ryan's brothers and his sister.

Dermot Ryan was closely monitored by gardai at the dissident-led protest on Saturday.

Vincent Ryan and Daragh Evans were arrested following the controversial paramilitary display at Alan Ryan's funeral last September.

They were subsequently charged with firearm offensives in connection with the gardai investigation into the murder of Michael 'Micka' Kelly in Clongriffin.

Both men are due to stand trial at the Special Criminal Court for the firearm offences on October 13, with a two-week trial for alleged IRA membership scheduled to take place immediately afterwards. Dermot Ryan was accompanied by his sister Niamh as he held up placards calling for the release of the 'Dublin 2'.

Last week he spoke at a dissident republican rally in Derry which saw youths throw bottles and stones at police.

Saturday's event was organised by the Dublin 32 County Sovereign Movement (CSM), the political wing of the Real IRA. Detectives kept a close eye on the event in the expectation that it would attract associates of murdered Real IRA boss Ryan.

"Events like these are closely monitored. We have to keep a close eye," said a source.

Meanwhile, gardai are becoming concerned about a major drive by the Dublin CSM to boost membership.

A number of advertisements have been placed online urging people to sign up.

"The last thing this city needs is a resurgence in dissident activity given the efforts taken by gardai to take down the main players," a source explained.

#709804 - 04/10/13 11:13 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863

Court told Rose Lynch killed 'wholly innocent' man - sentenced to life.

50-year-old woman who shot dead an innocent man because she mistakenly believed he was involved in the murder of a Continuity IRA leader has been sentenced to life in prison.
Rose Lynch told gardaí she "executed" David Darcy in November of 2011.
The Special Criminal Court heard Mr Darcy was never involved in any criminal or subversive activity and was "totally blameless" and "wholly innocent".
Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne said Lynch, who described herself as "an IRA volunteer", had not made any single expression of remorse for the murder of Mr Darcy.
A Garda Detective Inspector described claims, made in a statement issued by the Continuity IRA following the murder, as "total lies".
In a victim impact statement, Mr Darcy's partner and mother of their two children, said their home was never a safe house and she would never forgive Lynch for what she had done.
In the Special Criminal Court this morning, Lynch pleaded guilty to five other gun and ammunition offences and a charge of membership of the IRA.
She was sentenced to five and ten years respectively for the gun and ammunition charges and eight years for membership of the Real IRA.
Yesterday, Lynch admitted she shot dead Mr Darcy outside his home in Ballyfermot on 28 November 2011.
The court heard she told the gardaí she was an IRA volunteer and would die that way.
She claimed that she alone shot the father-of-two as he was about to go to work using both a handgun and a shotgun.
However, gardaí say they are absolutely satisfied that a man was with her.
The Continuity IRA later issued a statement claiming the killing was a "military operation" on the house of a "criminal drugs gang", where the resident was involved in the shooting dead of Liam Kenny.
Kenny was the dissident republican group's leader in Dublin.
Detective Inspector Colm O'Malley described the statement as "total lies".
He said Mr Darcy was a hardworking man, totally blameless, wholly innocent and the pseudo paramilitary organisation was mistaken.
The inspector read victim impact statements to the court from Mr Darcy's partner, Amanda Haverty, who spoke of the pain of his death, the lies told about him and the great loss to her and their two children.
His brother Mark described the killers as "excuses for human beings", who had no consideration and hoped the case would prevent something similar happening to other families.
Father says son killed by 'cowards'
Speaking on the steps of the Special Criminal Court, Mr Darcy's father, Henry, said that his son was killed for no reason and the killing was carried out by cowards.
Mr Darcy called on witnesses to come forward to help gardaí in their investigation of others who may have been involved in the murder.
He said: "It has been 15 months of pure misery since our son was taken from us for no reason absolutely, and for these people to come along with their hands up in the air, saying "It's for Ireland". It can't be. They're just cowards.
"I'm asking people who have any information on the rest of the crowd who have done this to give it to the police, because they need evidence so that they can get the rest of them.
"We do not want to see it happen to another mother, or father, or partner, or son or daughter or grandchildren. Please give information to the police."
Gardaí renew appeal for information
Gardaí have renewed their appeal for information about the murder, particularly anyone who may have seen a dark blue Opel Astra (99 CE 3047) around the time of the killing.
It had been stolen five days before the shooting.
Gardaí also want to speak to anyone who may have seen anything suspicious on Cherry Orchard Avenue or on Inagh Road on the morning of the murder.
They are asked to contact Ballyfermot Garda Station on 01-6667200.

#709806 - 04/10/13 11:21 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863

Assassin caught on way to second hit.


IRELAND'S first ever female assassin was on her way to kill a second man when she was arrested by armed gardai.

Defiant Rose Lynch gave a clenched fist salute and exclaimed "Mná na hÉireann, tiocfaidh ár lá" after unexpectedly pleading guilty yesterday to killing dad-of-two David Darcy.

It has now emerged she had bullets in her handbag when she was arrested on the Naas Road in Dublin on suspicion of Mr Darcy's murder.

Gardai believe that she had a hit list with six other names on it and was on her way to kill another innocent man when they swooped.

Her target was innocent boxer Ian Tims (33), nicknamed ‘The Tank’. Sources say Lynch and her terrorist mob drew up a murder list after an internal row split the Continuity IRA.

“The list was badly researched and a number of totally innocent people mysteriously ended up on it,” explained a source.


When arrested, blonde-haired Lynch was in the company of her lover – a senior Continuity IRA figure from Mullhuddart, west Dublin, who has previously served a four-year sentence for membership of the dissident group.

Yesterday, Lynch’s ‘IRA' call in court was met by shouts of “You should be ashamed of yourself!” and “Scumbag!” from the public gallery.

But after the brief hearing her father, Republican Joe ‘Tiny’ Lynch, said she was a “great woman”. He added: “I support my daughter and I’m the proudest man today as I was the day she came into the world.”

He added: “As far as I am concerned, as long as there are British soldiers in this country, there’ll be people like my daughter.”

The Limerick woman was involved with a Dublin man considered one of the most senior dissident Republicans operating in the country. He is currently serving a seven-year jail term for firearms offences.

Lynch would not be facing the inevitable life sentence due to be handed down today at the Special Criminal Court without the investigation led by Superintendent John Quirke and his team, including Detective Inspector Colm O'Malley and Detective Sergeant Denis Smith.

A senior source explained: “She shot Darcy in the head for no reason. Her sickos in the Continuity IRA got it into their heads that Darcy was involved in giving information in relation to the murder of Liam Kenny in 2011 and another shooting in Ballyfermot after that.


“But they were wrong. Darcy had nothing to do with this. He may have been spotted by these IRA thugs just drinking with someone who they thought was involved.”

Mr Darcy delivered meat for Tom Whelan Meat Products and was a valued staff member.

Last night, his friends remained mystified by his shooting in November, 2011. His employer, Tom Whelan, said no one had any idea why he was shot dead in a company van outside his home on Cherry Orchard Avenue in Dublin.

“Our hearts go out this week to David's family and, of course, to his brother Stephen, who also works for us,” he said.

Presiding judge Elizabeth Dunne said yesterday that Lynch (50), of Oakleigh Wood, Dooradoyle, Limerick, would be remanded in custody and adjourned the sentence hearing until today.

#710042 - 04/11/13 11:03 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863


IT was a "premeditated, calculated and cold-blooded murder" of an innocent man. Yet Rose Lynch remains proud of her actions.

The female assassin confessed to gardai that she had "emptied a handgun" during the murder of David Darcy.

Her guilty plea has spared his family a lengthy trial but they are left wondering what possessed a 50-year-old woman to kill a father-of-two going about his daily routine.

Today, the Herald can reveal how the mother-of-four joined Fianna Eireann aged five, rose through republican ranks as a young woman and went on to form an intense romantic relationship with a criminal classified by gardai as one of the leaders of the Continuity IRA.

Senior sources say that detectives are trying to secure other charges in their detailed murder investigation. They are probing whether Limerick woman Lynch's lover Dermot Gannon (48) had any involvement in it.

"Lynch was totally besotted with Gannon. They were in a relationship for a considerable amount of time before the murder," a senior source said.

"She got to know him because Gannon spent a lot of time in Limerick and he knew her father, Joe 'Tiny' Lynch, very well. She fell for him completely – she was absolutely besotted."


As she sentenced Lynch to life in prison yesterday, Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne noted that Lynch has not offered "any single expression of remorse".

She had boasted to gardai that she was a "true volunteer" of the IRA and was "on active service when we murdered David Darcy".

The court was told how Mr Darcy was "wholly blameless". Ms Justice Dunne said it was "crystal clear" he was an ordinary man going about his business.

Lynch grew up in a republican household in Ballinacurra Weston in Limerick city. Her father Joe (72) is the head of one faction of Republican Sinn Fein.

Speaking after his daughter pleaded guilty, he said he was the "proudest man". He added: "She is a very strong woman and she brings her strength from her commitment to the republican movement."

In recent years Rose has been involved with Dermot Gannon. He was also arrested by detectives investigating the David Darcy murder but was later released without charge.

Gannon, of Wellview Crescent, Mulhuddart, west Dublin, was jailed for seven years last July after he was caught transporting a gun in Limerick less than two months after David Darcy was shot dead by the Continuity IRA.

The Special Criminal Court formally recorded a plea of not guilty on Gannon's behalf after he declined to enter a plea.

After an uncontested trial that lasted half an hour, Judge Paul Butler said there was "no doubt" of Gannon's guilt.

The Special Criminal Court heard that Gannon was separated from his wife and had 10 previous convictions, including a number for violent behaviour.

The court heard from Sergeant Arthur Ryan, who found the Webley revolver in a brown envelope under the passenger seat of Gannon's Ford Mondeo after stopping and searching it on a routine patrol.

Sgt Ryan told prosecutor Mr Garnet Orange that when he asked Gannon "what the story was" with the gun, the defendant replied: "I own it, it's mine."

He said when a note of this conversation was later read to Gannon in interview, the accused confirmed its accuracy.


Gannon was the the first person to be convicted of membership of an illegal organisation under the 1998 Offences Against the State Act – legislation that was enacted in the aftermath of the Omagh bombing.

He was sentenced to four years at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin in May 2001. As he was led from the dock, Gannon gave a clenched-fist salute and shouted: "Up Oglaigh na hEireann, you w***ers!"

Evidence was given in the case that gardai believed Gannon was the leader of a Continuity IRA unit in Dublin in charge of gathering and storing weapons.

His lover, Rose Lynch, repeated her refrain "tiocfaidh ar la" as she was led away from the dock by prison officers.

The woman, who has studied for a degree in applied social studies and psychology, also received concurrent sentences totalling 31 years after she pleaded guilty to IRA membership and the possession of firearms and ammunition.

Yesterday we revealed she was on her way to kill another innocent man, Ballyfermot boxer Ian Tims (33), when she was intercepted by armed officers a fortnight after she murdered Mr Darcy.

Garda investigations have established the Continuity IRA had plotted to kill six people as part of a "twisted show of strength" and Lynch was enlisted to carry out all the murders.

#710988 - 04/16/13 08:16 PM Re: Criminal Action Force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
DonMega Offline

Registered: 01/06/13
Posts: 328

Loc: Ireland

GARDAI have issued a nationwide alert for all units to be on the lookout for a black coloured BMW M5 high-powered car, which is being used by a burglary gang to evade patrol cars.

Officers privately admit that they do not have the patrol cars capable of staying with the criminals if they are spotted in either the BMW or a silver Audi R54, also being used by the gang.Every garda division has been given a description of four men, who are involved in a crime spree around the country and then use a network of roads to make their escape and head back to their base in Dublin.

Gardai say the gang does not seem to be interested in major hauls from burglaries but appear to be carrying out the raids for an adrenaline rush.Officers, who came close to capturing some of the gang, have been attacked with rocks and crowbars in two separate incidents.The five-litre petrol BMW M5 model, which is described as a "super powerful" car, was stolen in Ticknock in south county Dublin on April 5 last.

It has since been used in burglaries in counties Mayo and Galway as well as several counties in Munster and the south east.


Gardai came under attack when they intercepted the gang as they robbed a store in Newport, Co Tipperary, and again in Durrow, Co Laois.During another burglary in Ballywilliam, Co Wexford, they ripped out the hard drive from a CCTV camera to reduce the chances of being identified.

One senior officer told the Irish Independent: "These guys target top of the range cars that are capable of being driven fast over long journeys."They are becoming increasingly brazen and daring, both in carrying out the burglaries and in stealing the cars they want."In some cases, they have confronted the owners of the vehicles and taken them under threat," he added.Regular garda patrols are now being boosted by members of the regional support units, who have access to some higher powered vehicles and a wider range of equipment, including weapons, to tackle the burglars.

The garda air support unit is also being used in the hunt for the travelling gang.The burglars are taking advantage of the improved network of roads and are able to target one region, rob several premises, and then turn up in another region two hours later.

#711030 - 04/17/13 12:29 AM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
Posts: 863

Hitman took out Real IRA boss Alan Ryan for free
The gangster who gunned down Real IRA boss Alan Ryan did not receive a single cent for the hit, it has emerged.

Sources have told The Star that the thug who shot dead 32-year-old Ryan in north Dublin last September did not receive any payment for the killing — because he was not an outside gun for hire.

Gang bosses often use hitmen and pay them around €20,000 per murder, or more if the target is high-profile.

But The Star understands that in this case, the killing was carried out by a key lieutenant of two mobsters who wanted Ryan dead — and did it on their orders.

And that, underworld sources say, means the killer — who is from north Dublin and known to gardai — wasn’t paid for the hit.

“The decision was made to take Ryan out and they got one of their main men to carry out the killing,” a source said.

“He was one of their own. He was not brought in from the outside.

“They just told him to clip him and he did.

“He didn’t get a cent.”

Two mobsters from north Dublin are believed to have ordered the murder of Ryan, who was shot dead as he walked in the Clongriffin area on the outskirts of the capital on September 3 last year.

He was shot repeatedly in the body when he was attacked by the lone gunman just after 3pm.

The Star has established that the killer fled to the North after the murder and the getaway driver was a woman.

Sources say the two mobsters — themselves feared criminals — decided to kill Ryan because they feared he was going to target them for murder.

Ryan was extorting hundreds of thousands of euro from criminals all over Dublin — and had targeted these two men for cash.

But, unlike most gangsters, they refused to cough up — and were warned their lives were at risk.

Rather than paying up under the threat, the duo decided to order his assassination.

Now the RIRA has targeted them for murder in revenge, although the pair are currently outside the jurisdiction.

The Star revealed in our gangland special last month that the going rate for a gangland hit in Ireland is €20k.

There are at least five professional hitmen in Dublin at the moment — including two brothers.

#711106 - 04/17/13 02:43 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
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€5m heroin haul linked to Ryan murder suspect.


A heroin seizure with a potential street value of more than €5m has been linked to a prime suspect for the murder of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan.

The drugs had been stashed in a derelict house in Garryross, outside Virginia, Co Cavan alongside an Uzi sub-machine gun and a handful of bullets.

The gun and ammunition may have been stored at the site for several years.

Forensic tests on the heroin last night confirmed that its purity was high and its initial value of €1.3m could be boosted fourfold by mixing it with chemical agents before selling it on the street.

Gardai believe the nine-kilo haul had been stashed by a major crime gang, with roots on the northside of Dublin.

It is believed the alleged leader of the gang is one of two prime suspects responsible for the Ryan killing .

Real IRA boss Ryan had been shot dead near his home in north Dublin last September.

Garda officers seized the drugs on Monday following an intelligence-led operation but the details were not released until yesterday for operational reasons.


Further searches were carried out in the rural area yesterday and the derelict house remained sealed off as local gardai were joined by specially trained drug sniffer dogs.

The size of the seized haul was said by senior officers last night to have dealt a serious financial blow to the traffickers.

Gardai explained that drugs gangs were now using derelict houses and remote bogland to hide their shipments rather than risk a gang member being caught with a large haul in his home.

They said the gangs avoided areas used by hillwalkers and tried to find hiding areas that could be used for storage for a number of weeks before the shipment was divided up and prepared for street sale.

Heroin prices have soared as a result of a poor crop in Afghanistan, caused by bad weather and disease.

Gardai expect this will force the dealers to use an increasing amount of mixing agents to maximise the number of deals from the shipments they are bringing in and they fear this could result in serious health problems for users.

A previous crop failure in 2009 led to dozens of heroin addicts being admitted to hospital with serious illnesses.

The Cavan find has now been removed to garda headquarters in Dublin for technical examination.

#711190 - 04/17/13 09:38 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
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A NORTH Dublin criminal gang has been linked to the latest multi-million euro drugs haul seized by gardai.

Detectives are now investigating whether this latest seizure could be linked to the criminal gang behind the murder of Real IRA terror chief Alan Ryan.

Heroin was seized by gardai in Cavan yesterday.

It was initially estimated to have a street value of €750,000 – but following analysis, it's now believed the haul could be worth as much as €2m.

The drugs were seized at a vacant house at Garryross in Virginia, Co Cavan, on Monday afternoon after a member of the public found the stash.

An "old but still functioning" sub-machine gun and ammunition was also discovered during the search by officers from Bailieborough Garda Station.

"This was pure, uncut heroin – the estimated street value of it could now be almost €3m. This is a massive seizure," said a senior source.

Garda investigations are focusing on whether the huge haul is linked to one of Ireland's most notorious criminal gangs whose stronghold is in the Coolock area of north Dublin.

The two leaders of this gang are currently in prison – but one of the men had previously lived close to where gardai made the "highly significant" discovery.


This veteran criminal is considered a 'tiger kidnap' mastermind, while his right-hand man controls the "drugs end" of the gang's enterprises.

Before being locked up earlier this year, the gang bosses continued to direct operations and stepped up a campaign of terror against what has been left of the RIRA mob which was led by Ryan.

Sources say that the feared duo had been in a "cash drive" with the older criminal in particular demanding that other gangs who "clubbed in" for Ryan's murder "cough up money" that was owed to the actual hitmen who murdered Ryan.

Sources say that Co Cavan has proven to be a very popular county for major league Dublin criminals to live in with a number of dangerous gangs being identified there by officers.

"East Cavan in particular now has dozens of Dublin gangland criminals living it," said a senior source.

The gang are linked to a crew of contract killers nicknamed 'The Taliban' who are suspected of being involved in seven gruesome gangland murders including the double murders of small-time criminals Joseph Redmond (25) and Anthony Burnett (31) – the two men who were shot and burned in a forest near Dundalk, Co Louth, in March of last year.

The mobsters got involved in a deadly feud with Alan Ryan's Real IRA mob when he attempted to extort cash from them.

#711192 - 04/17/13 09:46 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

Registered: 01/08/13
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A DUBLIN man has been sent forward for trial accused of withholding information from gardai investigating the murder of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan.
Alan Ryan, a 32-year-old dissident republican, was shot in the body, legs and head, by a masked gunman on September 3 last while walking along Grange Lodge Avenue, in Clongriffin, in north Dublin, near his home.

Thomas Hunt (39) from Canon Lillis Avenue, in Dublin city's north-side, is accused of withholding information which might have been of material assistance in securing the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a person in connection with the murder.

He made no reply when he was first charged on October 24 last and appeared again today at Dublin District Court. The offence on conviction can carry a possible five-year jail sentence.

Mr Hunt, who has not yet formally indicated how he will plead, was served with a book of evidence and Judge William Hamill heard that the DPP had consented to him being returned for trial.

Judge Hamill told him that he was being sent forward for trial and must appear at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on May 10 next. Dressed in a blue top and sleeveless jacket, and grey tracksuit trousers, he spoke briefly to acknowledge his signature on his bail bond.

The judge also notified Mr Hunt that if he intended to use an alibi in his defence, he must provide the details to the prosecution within 14 days. Legal aid was also granted to Mr Hunt, who is on disability benefit.

At his first appearance in the district court in October one of his lawyers had said that the charge would be “fully contested” by Mr Hunt.

Bail had been set earlier in Mr Hunt's own bond of €6,000 of which €2,000 had to be lodged. His brother was allowed stand independent bail for him in the sum of €10,000.

Mr Hunt had already been told he must reside at new address, which was furnished to the court earlier, and give gardai a mobile phone number so they can contact him.

He has surrendered his passport and was also ordered not to apply for new travel documents. He had also been told that under the terms of his bail he has to sign on three times a week at a garda station and “not interfere with witnesses directly or indirectly”.

His solicitor Yvonne Bambury told Judge Hamill that Mr Hunt had complied with the bail terms “to the letter”.

A second man, who faces the same charge, is to appear again in court later this month to be served with a book of evidence.

#711419 - 04/18/13 10:34 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

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The jury in a Dublin murder trial has been shown CCTV footage of a 33-year-old man being shot in a city pub four years ago.
Dubliner John Carroll died on the night of 18 February 2009, after being shot a number of times as he socialised in Grumpy Jacks pub in The Coombe.
Christopher Zambra, 38, of Galtymore Road, Drimnagh, has pleaded not guilty to murder.
The Central Criminal Court heard that it is not alleged that Mr Zambra shot Mr Carroll, but that he organised the killing.
CCTV footage from the pub was played to the jury showing the moment around 9.30pm when the gunman entered the pub.
The killer, who was wearing a motorbike helmet, was seen to open fire on a man as soon as he walked in the door.
Customers were seen dashing from the area while the gunman continued shooting.
The footage lasted only seconds.
The trial is expected to last between four and six weeks.
The jury also heard medical evidence that Mr Carroll sustained four gunshot wounds that night, including two to his back.
Patrick Gageby Senior Counsel, prosecuting, read a statement from Dr Una Geary, who was the consultant at St James's Hospital emergency department, where Mr Carroll was treated.
She said Mr Carroll was deeply unconscious when he was brought in that night.
She said his heart rate was abnormally high while his blood pressure was low, consistent with major haemorrhage.
She said that the patient went into cardiac arrest and that emergency surgery was carried out.
He was discovered to have lacerations to his diaphragm and liver, as well as massive abdominal bleeding.
She said that despite the surgery, and litres of fluid being drained from his chest and abdomen, Mr Carroll died from his wounds.
Mr Gageby also read a statement from Mr Carroll's father, Charlie Carroll, who said he last spoke to his son at 9pm that night.
He said his son had been watching a Manchester United match and had called to tell him that the team was winning 3-0.
A few hours later, Mr Carroll identified his son's body for gardaí in hospital.
The trial before Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy and a jury of eight women and four men continues.

#712021 - 04/21/13 10:04 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

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It appears there has been a big split in the Criminal Action Force story in yesday Star paper i can not get a link to the Irish Star ie at the moment apparently one of the founder members paid the Real IRA money most of the CAF members were unhappy with this member doing this and have abandoned him and left the CAF organization and have set up their own network called united criminal alliance-U.C.A i will post a link as soon as i get one.

#712170 - 04/22/13 11:11 PM Re: Criminal Action force Ireland. [Re: abc123]
abc123 Offline

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A CRIMINAL known as 'the businessman' is sending terror through gangland Dublin.

Detectives are braced for a potential bloodbath as rival factions battle to fill the void left by the jailing of crimelord Brendan Kinlan this week.

Kinlan (42), from Bray, Co Wicklow, was jailed for eight years in England after a jury found him guilty of possession of over €2 million worth of amphetamines. The drugs were discovered after he crashed his van to avoid hitting a pheasant.

Sources say that a 40-year-old "businessman" is determined to take control amid the power vaccum.

This is causing panic among Kinlan's associates who include a notorious convicted killer.

"This businessman has almost come from nowhere in the past year. He is completely psychotic; all he wants is power," explained the source.

"But he is not like your ordinary gang boss. He's a strategist. He plans everything to a tee and never gets his hands dirty.

"His motivation is that he wants to be feared, and by God some of the most hardened criminals are petrified of him."

The Wicklow-based criminal has a huge property portfolio and links to the Continuity IRA.

He is suspected of having an "active involvement" in the gangland gun murder of Philip 'Philly' O'Toole (32), who was shot dead in January.

Kinlan was based in the UK, but was closely linked to the international crime syndicate led by Christy Kinahan and 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's mob, and was heavily involved in the supply of drugs along the east coast.

However, with Kinlan behind bars, his crew have been left terrified of challenging 'the businessman'.

"Information has come in that he is trying to intimidate and target one of Kinlan's main men. This could get very messy," said a source.

Already 'the businessman' is being investigated for a number of shootings and an abduction.

He is also suspected of ordering the theft of 29 firearms in Wicklow last September.

Senior gardai fear the crime boss will use the jailing of Kinlan to expand his reign of terror.


"With Kinlan now entering a long stretch behind bars, this criminal has seen his chance to rise to the very top and that is going to mean serious problems.

"Kinlan's crew are not in the habit of taking things lying down, so there could be very interesting times ahead."

Kinlan's trial at Leeds Crown Court heard how the 42-year-old was driving down the M1 in West Yorkshire when his vehicle span out of control and ended on the hard shoulder.

Kinlan, originally from Bray but living in Middlesbrough, was unable to continue with his delivery of "a massive consignment of controlled drugs".

The van was towed to a garage used by police to recover and store vehicles.

It was ultimately Kinlan's persistence to get the drugs out of the back of the vehicle that led to garage staff discovering the stash.

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Man suing State over witness protection 'failures.

A man who was in a witness protection programme is suing the State over an alleged failure to give him a new identity and a new home.
David Mooney claims he now lives in fear for his life, cannot work and has been refused social welfare.
He claims he cannot use his PPS number after his involvement in a witness protection programme in 2002.
In High Court proceedings, Mr Mooney claims he was promised a new identity and a green card for the US, along with a house and a car as part of an agreement to enter into the witness protection programme.
The High Court heard he gave evidence for the State in a criminal trial in 2003.
He now claims the State is in breach of contract, was negligent and has deprived him of his Constitutional rights.
He claims he has not been given a house or car, has not received a new identity or PPS number and has not received a green card as allegedly promised.
His lawyers asked the High Court to hear the matter urgently as he has received threats to his life, cannot work and cannot use his PPS number and was suffering real hardship as a result.
Lawyers for the State have denied the claims and said there was no urgency to the case as he had exited the witness protection programme in 2006.
The court was told it would be a "highly contentious matter involving matters of State security and matters that are privileged".
In his claim against the Garda Commissioner and the State, he says he gave evidence against two men who were engaged in threats and intimidation while he tried to open a club in central Dublin in 2002.
Before giving evidence he claims to have signed a "protocol" document and was verbally promised by gardaí that he would receive a new house, car, income, name, date of birth, social insurance number and a green card for the US where he would be under the care of US marshals.
He claims he was also promised that authorities in the US would arrange with his Irish handler for safe travel to and from the US.
It is also alleged he was told he could not claim social welfare, but would be paid €130 to €140 per week while in the programme and that his accommodation would be paid for and he would receive 24-hour protection.
Because of these alleged assurances he agreed to give evidence and both men were convicted.
In 2004 he claims to have been asked to sign a non-biding memorandum which was a release from certain parts of the witness protection programme.
He claims to have been refused an opportunity to seek legal advice and was promised assistance with establishing a business and securing a green card.
He claims the gardaí and the State are guilty of breach of contract, negligence and breach of duty.
He also claims the State has breached his Constitutional right to bodily integrity and right to work.
He is seeking orders from the court to force the State to provide him with the benefits he claims to have been promised and is also seeking damages.
The case returns to court in June.

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GARDAI investigating the killing of Darren Cogan in a pub in Dublin almost two years ago have made three arrests.
One male was arrested this morning and two males were arrested yesterday morning, all in the Dublin area," a garda spokesman said this evening.

"They range in ages from their mid 20s to mid 30s and are being detained at Kilmainham and Kevin Street Garda Stations under Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act 2007."

Mr Cogan (22), of Bluebell Avenue, was shot dead in the Black Horse Inn in Inchicore. Gardai are following two main lines of investigation.

One is that he was a victim of mistaken identity while the second suggested he had become caught up in a row that started between two women.

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‘I’m grand’ – Sean Enright speaks out a day after he survives being shot FIVE times
Michael O'Toole May 17, 2013

Ireland’s latest gun victim Sean Enright broke his silence last night as he recovered from being shot five times — telling The Star from his hospital bed: “I’m grand.”

The bodybuilder and businessman, who was a pal of slain mobster Eamonn ‘The Don’ Dunne, was blasted in the neck and back as he walked into a gym he operates in Glasnevin, Dublin, on Wednesday morning.

It was believed he had been shot four times but yesterday it emerged it was actually five.

The victim — who also cheated death in January 2011 when he was blasted in a parked car — told The Star: “I’m in bed. I’ll have to talk to you another time.”

It emerged last night that Mr Enright (33), who is under armed protection by gardai, has had three of the five bullets removed by surgeons but two are still lodged in his body.

He told The Star from his Mater Hospital ward: “I’m grand now.

They are giving out to me for talking to you on the phone now.”

Mr Enright, dubbed ‘Man of Steel’ following the attack, is out of intensive care and his room is being protected around the clock by armed detectives.

Gardai and doctors are amazed how Mr Enright survived as the bullets narrowly missed vital organs and nearly snapped his spine.

A source said: “He’s like a cat with nine lives. It’s incredible that he survived.

“One of the bullets could have broken his spine — that’s how close it was.

“Another bullet entered his body very close to his heart and his liver so he’s very lucky.”

Investigating gardai suspect a dissident republican link to the hit and believe that the gunman, who used a 9mm semi-automatic weapon, acted alone and drove himself away afterwards.

It emerged that the silver Mini car used in the Ballyboggan Industrial Estate multiple shooting at 10.30am was stolen in Co Antrim at the beginning of the month.

Champion bodybuilder Mr Enright has a minor criminal conviction for possessing a stun gun in 2007 that saw him slapped with a €750 fine by a court.

He survived a gun attack in January 2011 when he was shot several times as he sat in a car outside a house in Clonsilla, Dublin.

On that occasion, a RIRA gunman let fly with five bullets striking Mr Enright in the leg, arm and chest — but again he managed to survive.
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Real IRA death squad hunts Don’s mates
Michael O'Toole May 16, 2013

Ireland’s latest gun victim was sitting up in his hospital bed chatting last night — despite being blasted four times in the back at point-blank range in a daylight murder bid.

Sources told The Star that businessman and bodybuilder Sean Enright has a bullet lodged centimetres from his heart — but somehow survived the attack.

It’s the second time in just over two years that Mr Enright — who turned 33 six days ago and was a close pal of slain mobster Eamonn ‘The Don’ Dunne — has survived a gun murder bid and gardai believe his physique saved his life.

“His muscles must be made of steel,” a source said last night.

“He should be dead now, but instead he’s sitting up in his hospital bed and talking away.

“It is incredible he survived.”

The Star has learned that Mr Enright was given a so called Garda Information Message, or GIM, last January warning that his life was at immediate risk — but he shrugged off the threat.

Gardai were last night linking the latest attack to a botched assassination attempt in north Dublin 24 hours earlier in which criminal Derek McLoughlin escaped uninjured when his assailant’s gun jammed.

Detectives were working on the theory that the Real IRA were behind both murder attempts — and are braced for further attacks.

The RIRA are extorting cash from businessmen such as Mr Enright and are also targeting criminals such as Derek McLoughlin — and officers fear other people are now in their sights.

“They tried to kill two people in just 24 hours,” a source said.

There will be others they want dead too.”

The gunman walked up to Mr Enright and blasted him four times from behind with a semi-automatic pistol as he walked into the Universal Gym he operates in the Ballyboggan Industrial Estate in Glasnevin, Dublin, just after 10.40am.

One of the bullets hit him in the neck — while the other three hit his back.

The bullet that hit his neck passed clean through, but two of the three in his back were still lodged in his body last night.

Sources say one was lodged just centimetres from his heart, while the other was in his liver.

“A few centimetres closer and the bullet would have got the heart and he would not be talking to anyone,” a source said.

Mr Enright, who has a minor criminal conviction for possessing a stun gun in 2007 that saw him slapped with a €750 fine, was rushed to the Mater hospital after the attack — and it was feared he was going to die.

But The Star has established his life is not in any danger and he is expected to make a full recovery.

The gunman was driven away in the direction of Finglas in a silver Mini with North registration plates — but the car had not been found as of last night.

Shell casings and two black sports bags could be seen at the entrance to the warehouse-type fitness centre where the shooting was carried out.

The champion bodybuilder survived a gun attack in January 2011 when he was shot several times as he sat in a car outside a house in Clonsilla, west Dublin.

On that occasion, a RIRA gunman hit him with five bullets, striking him in the leg, arm and chest — but again Enright managed to survive.

That shooting was linked to an extortion racket run by RIRA boss Alan Ryan (32), who was gunned down in north Dublin in September last year.

The Ballyboggan industrial estate is about six miles from the city centre.

Officers were linking yesterday’s hit to the botched murder attempt 24 hours earlier on convicted criminal Derek McLoughlin — also a pal of 34-year-old Eamonn Dunne, who was killed in Cabra in April 2010.

Mr McLoughlin (48) was leaving a gym in Swords when a gunman approached and pulled the trigger of a pistol.

Miraculously, the gun jammed twice and the would-be killer fled.

Gardai in Cabra are investigating the murder bid on Mr Enright and have appealed for witnesses to contact them on 01-6667400.
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A well-known criminal is fighting for his life today after being blasted four times by a masked gunman at his gym.

Hardman Sean Enright suffered serious injuries to his neck, back and stomach but sources say that he is likely to survive the latest attempt to whack him.

The 32 year-old was walking into his Universal Warrior Gym in Finglas, Dublin, at 11am when a gunman came at him from behind.

He opened fire at point blank range in the hallway of the gym, hitting the bodybuilder at least four times.

The father of three slumped to the ground and when an ambulance arrived just minutes later paramedics thought he was dead.

He was rushed to the Mater hospital and is in a serious condition with gardai saying that the bodybuilder’s sheer muscle mass may have saved his life.

A major garda hunt is underway with sources saying that Enright had made a number of enemies. He has been warned on several occasions in recent months that his life is in danger.

In January 2011 he was lucky to survive after being shot outside his home in Clonsilla, west Dublin.

He was reversing his car when a gunman came out of the shadows and shot at Enright nine times.

He was hit in the chest by three bullets and stumbled into his house before he collapsed into a coma. However he somehow managed to escape with his life.

In 2008 Enright had another lucky escape when he was attacked while working as a doorman at a pub in Tallaght.

He refused to let a man in and he returned later in the night and stabbed Enright, although he wasn’t seriously injured.

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VIDEO: Donal MacIntyre reveals the rich list of the world's wealthiest gangsters.

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RIRA gang kidnap then shoot man.

09 May 2013 02:00 PM

THE Real IRA abducted and shot a man in a brutal punishment attack in Dublin.

Ronan Connolly (28) was kidnapped at gunpoint by a gang and then bundled into a van.

When he attempted to escape, his captors opened fire.

Sources say the incident was a “punishment beating” which spiralled out of control.

Connolly is the younger brother of a leading RIRA member who is behind bars facing murder charges.

Detectives in the capital are now on high alert after the incident in Inchicore on Tuesday night.


Connolly escaped serious injury when his captors apparently panicked and fled.

The abduction is linked to a campaign by dissident terrorists who are targeting former associates as part of a “clean-up” of the illegal organisation. “This incident falls very much into the narrative of the so-called revamp of the Real IRA,” a senior source explained.

“They are carrying out kidnappings, beatings and shootings in an attempt to get rid of those who they no longer trust.”

Connolly, who has numerous convictions and is from Bluebell, Dublin, was abducted in Inchicore at around 10.30pm on Tuesday.

The gang tied his hands together with wire and brought him around 12km to the Slade Road in Saggart.

After attempting to escape, Connolly was shot. The gang then fled the scene, allowing Connolly to raise the alarm.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and he was treated for gunshot wounds to his hand.

Sources say the abduction of Ronan Connolly was orchestrated to send a firm message to his older brother, Sean.

The 34-year-old is the chief suspect in the murder of gang boss Eamon Kelly, who was gunned down near his home on Furry Park Road, Killester, in December. He is being held in Portlaoise Prison awaiting trial.

Sean Connolly attempted to take control of the Real IRA in Dublin following the death of notorious gangster Alan Ryan last October.

However, his attempt to rise to the top of the organisation alarmed senior figures in the North.

As revealed by the Herald, IRA bosses in the North have ordered the "weeding out" of members who they deem to be a risk. Sean Connolly falls into this category, sources say, with Wednesday's abduction of his younger brother being viewed as a message to Connolly that he is no longer welcome in the organisation.

While not at the same level as his older brother, Ronan Connolly has notched up a series of convictions. He was given a seven-month sentence in September for handling stolen property.


And in June 2012, he was caught in possession of a vice grip, which he had planned to use in a burglary.

After the kidnapping, gardai questioned Connolly while he was in hospital, but he has refused to make a formal statement, claiming that he "didn't see the faces" of his attackers.

"It's frustrating for officers involved but this incident is still very much under investigation as is this threat to target other dissidents," said a source.

Gardai are now braced for more bloodshed as shootings, kneecappings and severe beatings are doled out to once high-ranking members of the Dublin branch of the organisation.

In January, a key henchman to Alan Ryan – Deccy Smith – was blasted in the leg.

The attack on Smith follows the shooting of alleged Real IRA man Nathan Kinsella last November. Gardai are now braced for chaos, with splinter groups forming as the mob's Northern-based leadership tries to exert control over the gang that has been in disarray since Ryan's murder.

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don pal escapes as gun jams on hitman.

Niall O'Connor and Conor Feehan – 15 May 2013 02:48 PM

AN associate of slain gang boss Eamon Dunne has escaped an attempt on his life after the gunman's weapon jammed.

Derek McLoughlin was leaving a gym in Swords village after his daily workout at 11.30am yesterday when the masked man struck.

McLoughlin is a known associate of Eamon 'The Don' Dunne. It is believed he was involved in a feud with associates of murdered Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, who was gunned down last September.

McLoughlin was in his car at the Image Health and Fitness Studio in the Castle Shopping Centre when a people carrier pulled up behind him.


A man jumped out and ran to McLoughlin's car, pointing a 9mm handgun at him.

The gunman tried twice to pull the trigger, but his weapon appeared to jam. The masked man then ran back to the people carrier, which was driven away at speed.

McLoughlin went back into the gym where he had been working out with an associate known to gardai, and left a short time later.

A female officer attempted to interview him but he refused to make a statement.

Garda sources say one line of investigation is that the attempted hit was the work of associates of slain RIRA leader Alan Ryan, but added that it was "an open investigation in its early stages".

Ryan was gunned down in Clongriffin last September after years of confrontation with Dublin criminals he had been 'taxing' on their profits.

Sources last night said it was too early to be sure of the motive for yesterday's attempted murder.

"This guy is so immersed in gangland activity. It's a possibility that it was a RIRA job, but it's not at all a certainty," said a senior source.

McLoughlin (48), a former soldier, of Ardgillan Lawns, Balbriggan, Dublin, has a history of violent crime.

Last year he received a four-year suspended sentence after being convicted of being one of six men who carried out an attack on a man at Ballymun Shopping Centre in July 2010.

He was one of the many pall-bearers at Eamon Dunne's funeral in 2010.

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Bail refused for brother of Alan Ryan.

15/05/2013 - 19:01:02
A 22-year-old brother of murdered dissident republican Alan Ryan has been refused bail at the High Court today.

Vincent Ryan is charged with membership of an unlawful organisation styling itself the Irish Republican Army, otherwise Oglaigh na hÉireann, otherwise the IRA on September 13, 2012.

His co-accused Darragh Evans (aged 23) is also charged with the same offence on the same date.

The pair were also subsequently charged with firearms offensives as part of a garda investigation in to the murder of 30-year-old Michael Kelly, who was shot dead outside an apartment complex on Marsfield Avenue, Clongriffin on September 15, 2011.

On September 21 last, the men were charged with the possession of an AKM assault rifle and Webley-make revolver MkV1 at Clonshaugh Walk, Coolock, Dublin 17 on September 15, 2011.

Mr Justice Michael Hanna today said the court would refuse the bail application brought by counsel for the accused man, Mr Hugh Hartnett SC.

The accused men are due to stand trial on the firearms offences at the non-jury Special Criminal Court on October 9, 2013, and on October 22, 2013 on the membership charge.

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Gardai say two gym gun attacks could be linked.

Conor Feehan – 16 May 2013 02:15 PM

GARDAI are examining if the shooting of Dublin gym owner Sean Enright and the attempted murder of criminal Derek McLoughlin are connected.
Both men were targeted in broad daylight before noon near gyms they use or work in on a regular basis, and the attempted hits happened within 24 hours of each other.

Both Enright and McLoughlin have friends in the Dublin crime scene, with Cabra native Enright known to associate with Alan and Wayne Bradley, who are currently serving time for conspiracy to rob a cash-in-transit van.

McLoughlin, from Balbriggan, has convictions for assault and had a four-year sentence suspended for attacking a man in Ballymun and also assaulting a garda while being fingerprinted.


McLoughlin was also a pall-bearer at the funeral of one Dublin's most notorious gangsters, Eamon 'The Don' Dunne.

"What we are looking at here is two men who were both targeted within a day of each other.

"One was in his gym, and the other was near one he uses," said a garda source.

"While these men would not be well-known to each other they both swim in the same shark-infested waters and could have enemies in common," he added.

One line of inquiry common to both cases now is that the hits may have been ordered by the Real IRA group once led in Dublin by Alan Ryan, who was shot dead last September.

In an appeal for information on the shooting of Enright, gardai have asked for the public's assistance in tracing a silver Mini with a Northern registration plates that left the scene of the shooting at Ballyboggan Industrial Estate in the direction of Finglas.

But investigators have said that the Northern plates do not mean that they can take for granted a Northern link to the shooting.

"These plates could have been put on the car to throw gardai off the scent and send them in an obvious direction.

"The investigation is in its early stages and there is a lot of CCTV from premises and traffic cameras to go through yet," said the garda source.

Sean Enright was last night still in surgery for gunshot wounds to his upper body and neck as his family kept vigil at the Mater Hospital.

Gardai said the fact that both Enright and McLoughlin attended their gyms at virtually the same time every day meant their potential killers were able to establish a familiar pattern which made planning their executions easier.

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Murdered man Alan Desmond was on the run
A criminal executed in a lonely field was on the run from gardai when he was gunned down, it has emerged.

Sources have confirmed to The Star that Alan Desmond — who was shot in the back of the head in an execution-style killing — was at the centre of a Garda manhunt when he was killed.

It is understood Desmond (37) went on the run after a weapons haul was found close to his home in Kilclare Avenue, Tallaght, south Dublin, at the end of April.

Officers searched an area as part of an anti-drugs operation — and recovered three rifles, a handgun, two sawn-off shotguns and a large amount of ammunition.

Desmond, who had a previous firearms conviction, was the subject of a Garda manhunt over the discovery.

Sources say gardai are now examining the theory that he may have been killed over the April 30 find.

A source told The Star: “He really was a loner, who was low down in the criminal food chain.

“The suspicion is that Desmond was asked to mind the firearms for a criminal gang from the Tallaght area.

“He went to ground when the find was made and members were looking for him, but it looks as if the criminals got him first.

“The theory is that he was killed because he lost the consignment of firearms.”

Desmond’s body was found with a bullet hole that went through his neck and eye in the field at Killinarden Hill in Tallaght on Saturday night.

Gardai believe he was forced to kneel down on the ground — before a pistol was fired into the back of his neck from just a few inches away.

The bullet passed through his head and blew out one of his eyes.

His body was discovered on Saturday night by a group of children who were playing in the undergrowth.

Gardai last night said these children were being offered counselling by the HSE.

It is believed other children may have seen the body earlier and not realised it was a real corpse.

Gardai believe the body — which was wrapped in a plastic bag — had been there for at least two weeks.

Garda Superintendent Peter Duff, who is leading the probe, yesterday appealed for any parents whose kids may have seen the body to contact detectives in Tallaght.

Anyone with information is urged to contact gardai in Tallaght on 01-666 6000 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.

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Slain mobster Stephen Sugg has been in dark dreams for years but now he is back from the dead.

The gangster, who was one half of the notorious Westies, has been contacting old friends and foes from beyond the grave.

“I am back by the kilo,” states his new Facebook site along with a picture of a pile of cocaine, a rolled up €50 note and a razor blade.

The stunt has attracted whispers about Sugg and his sidekick Shane Coates – the duo who were inseparable in life and who were executed together in Spain almost 10 years ago.

“I got such a shock when I got a friend request,” a source who once knew Sugg said. “I mean it was eerie. I was wondering did they really die.”

But the Sunday World can confirm that the remains found in a concrete tomb near Alicante were indeed the feared Westies and both their bodies were identified clearly by DNA.

The pair were notorious in life and their chilling personalities can still spark fear after their deaths.

No-one has ever been charged with their murder in January 2004 – six months after they had moved to Spain to avoid the attentions of the Gardai.

They were last seen on the evening of January 31, 2004 when they left their pad in Orihuela Costa in Alicante in Spain for a business meeting.

Gardai believe they were taken to a warehouse in the town of Catral and shot side by side. They were then buried in a concrete tomb only to be unearthed in 2006 when an informer revealed the location of their bodies.

But this week it was evident that the legacy left by the thugs has still not been forgotten as Sugg’s ghoulish Facebook site was posted on the internet.

It claims that he is currently living in Alicante and that he works for ‘Pablo Escobar’ the most famed cocaine lord ever.

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This is the convicted gangland figure who was lucky to escape with his life after shots were fired at his Sligo home last weekend.

Gunmen pumped three rounds into the home of Rory Boyd on Joe McDonnell Drive in Sligo on Sunday night.

Boyd (31) is regarded as a member of a feared Sligo drugs gang and is an associate of ex-pat gang boss Hughie Irwin.

The gang – who sourced drugs from Eamon ‘The Don’ Dunne – is responsible for flooding the West of Ireland with heroin and cocaine.

Last night, a senior source told the Sunday World that there is “no clear motive” for the shooting.

“Gardai have spoken to Mr Boyd but he has not thrown any light on the shooting.

“It is not believed he owes any money and this is not regarded as a motive.”

Boyd has served a number of prison sentences for assault, drug dealing, making threats and robbery.

Detectives also believe Boyd forged strong links with a number of Dublin criminals during his spell behind bars.

Boyd is well known to gardai and has regularly been brought before the courts.

In November 2006, he was arrested on suspicion of unlawful possession of cocaine for sale and supply.

He was also given a two-month suspended sentence in February 2006 for threatening and abusive behaviour and a one-month sentence for similar offences in October 2006.

In January 2001, he was jailed for one year for robbing shop takings from a worker as she made her way to a ba

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THE Scottish Sun is celebrating football’s glitz and glamour — with WAG WEEK.

The country’s No1 newspaper has scored a winner with a special series on the women behind our best-known footballers.

Today Debbie Lawlor, the fiancée of Celtic ace Anthony Stokes, tells MARC DEANIE her man’s just misunderstood...

HOOPS star Stokes has made his name as a top striker — and Debbie’s a fearsome defender.

Say anything about her fiancé and she takes it personally.

The pretty brunette, mum to the couple’s 15-month-old son Bobby, says: “He’s had a bad rep at times but he’s the most laidback guy and has a heart of gold.

“People see him as being uptight and they give him a hard time.

“I just want to let loose sometimes and say, ‘How dare you say that about him?’”

The Irishman was caught up in controversy last December after attending the memorial party in Dublin for murdered Real IRA chief Alan Ryan.

Stokes, 24, was disciplined by Celtic and there were fears his career at the club was under threat.

But he stayed after a heart-to-heart with boss Neil Lennon and is set to sign a new deal.

Law graduate Debbie, 25, says: “A lot of things said weren’t true.

“Anthony is tough and was able to deal with it. It probably gets to me more.

“The club has been great with him — they know the truth.”

Debbie with Anthony Stokes
Happier ... Debbie and Anthony have come through tough times

Stokes and his family have found it tough living in the Old Firm spotlight — and have been targets for abuse in the past.

Debbie recalls a sinister incident in 2011, when they were forced to quit their pad in Broxburn, West Lothian, after yobs smashed the windows while she was inside.

Stokes — who joined Celtic from Hibs a year earlier in an £800,000 move — was away overnight in Inverness preparing for a match against Caley Thistle.

Speaking publicly about the incident for the first time, Debbie says: “When we moved there, the estate agent didn’t tell us we were in the heart of a Rangers-supporting area.

“The abuse started straight away — I’d be taking the shopping in and someone would say something.

“On a Saturday night, people passing by going home from the pub would sing outside the house.”

Debbie was eight months’ pregnant with Bobby when the baying mob struck — a year after a similar incident took place, when a gang of 15 yobs hurled bigoted abuse and a WHEELIE BIN at the property.

She adds: “I thought they were just smashing bottles but then someone started kicking the front door.

“That’s when I got scared and called the police. I kept thinking about being pregnant — you just want to protect your baby.”

The thugs fled and Debbie asked cops to stay away until the next day. And she DIDN’T tell Stokes what happened until after the match.

Debbie, speaking at their Glasgow flat, says: “I went back to bed without realising the windows had been smashed.

“A neighbour knocked the door the next day to tell me.

“The police came out and were really nice — I made them swear not to tell Anthony until after the game.

“Four days later we moved to Glasgow and I love it — we’ve had no hassle whatsoever.”

The sweethearts have been together for seven years after meeting as teenagers while attending Dublin high schools opposite each other. They have been planning on getting hitched for the past two years.

Debbie says: “We say we’ll get married every summer. It was meant to be last summer but I had Bobby.

“Right now Anthony’s focused on signing a new deal with Celtic — and I’m itching for him to stay.

“It’s such a massive thing for him to play for the club because he’s Irish. I’m so proud of him “We are both really grateful for the opportunities his career brings. Our families worked really hard to provide for us and now we’ve got the chance to give Bobby a good life.”

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Ken Foy Crime correspondent – 21 May 2013 02:30 PM

A SUSPECT in the gangland murder of a Lithuanian crimelord lost two fingers in a horrific hatchet attack by slain RIRA terror chief Alan Ryan's gang.Jason O' Connor (35) from Clonsilla, west Dublin, was released from garda custody at the weekend, along with two of his associates, after being questioned for five days about the murder in a south Dublin business park earlier this month.

Gintaras Zelvys was shot twice in the body with a handgun as he arrived with his wife to open up his 'cash for clothes' business in the Greenogue industrial estate, Rathcoole, west Dublin, on May 1.

Detectives investigating the murder arrested O' Connor and two other Blanchardstown men in a special operation last week.

O'Connor was previously in the headlines when he had his fingers chopped off with an axe in a horrific attack by Real IRA members under the direction of their boss Alan Ryan, who was shot dead last September. O'Connor was tortured at Fairview Park in north Dublin on May 3 last year – just over a year before Zelvys was murdered in the business park.

O'Connor, of Whitechapel Avenue, Clonsilla, had arrived at Dublin's Mater Hospital with two fingers missing on his right hand.


He had also suffered injuries to the back of his head consistent with a beating and torture.

One of the missing fingers was found in Fairview Park that evening and Gardai were alerted. Doctors later sewed the recovered finger back onto O'Connor's hand, but a second was not found.

Despite his injuries, O'Connor refused to identify his attackers, but detectives quickly established that Alan Ryan's mob were responsible.

Senior sources say detectives are now working on the theory that members of Zelvys's East European gang paid Irish criminals to murder the mob boss.

"The investigation is at a very advanced stage. Gardai are very hopeful of charges in it," said a source.

One of the men arrested with O'Connor last week is a career criminal from Blanchardstown.

The 31-year-old is suspected of acting as a getaway driver in the Audi A3 car used in the hit.

The third suspect is a Blanchardstown taxi driver who is suspected of driving the killers after they abandoned the Audi at the Aylmer Housing estate in Newcastle, Co Dublin.

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Ken Foy, Crime correspondent – 23 May 2013 02:30 PM

ONE of Ireland's most notorious gangland criminals has moved to New York – despite having convictions for armed robbery.

Feared Tallaght hood Paul Rice (43) – who gardai believe is a major drugs gang enforcer – is expected to spend several months in the US.

A source said: "Word is coming back that he is living the life of Reilly out in the States – but the big question is how the hell is he able to travel over there with the serious criminal convictions that he has."

Rice and his southside crew, which includes Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh, previously told slain Real IRA gang boss Alan Ryan to "f*** off" when the RIRA came looking for protection money in 2011.

But he has also run into "serious bother" with the New IRA alliance, which has been trying to extort cash from him and even put him on top of a sinister death list earlier this year.

A source said: "There will be a lot less heat on Rice in New York – that's for sure. He won't need to worry about the IRA out there."

Rice had been enlisted by Ireland's richest international drugs syndicate to try to recoup hundreds of thousands of euro that is owed to them.

Christy Kinahan's organisation had turned to Rice to get funds owed to them and he has embarked on a campaign of intimidation.

However, there is now underworld speculation that Rice is no longer working with the Kinahan mob. This could change the entire dynamic of drugs gang activity in the capital, according to sources.

Meanwhile, mystery surrounds how Rice could enter the US with a serious criminal record. Rice's most serious conviction was when he was jailed for 10 years in July 1995 after he pleaded guilty to the armed robbery of a bank in which shots were fired.

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Ken Foy Crime correspondent – 28 May 2013 02:30 PM

TWO of slain RIRA terror chief Alan Ryan's brothers have been kicked out of the organisation by the new leadership in a bitter cash dispute, senior sources say.

Anthony and Dermot Ryan, along with two feared criminals who were considered major players in the group, have all been booted out – leading to fears of more infighting within the IRA, which has been plagued by internal strife since Ryan's murder last September.

The four men were called to what has been described as "a heated meeting" in the capital where they received their marching orders.

"There is a serious issue over cash – the new leadership of the IRA decided that these four individuals have to go," said a senior source.


"It is considered a major surprise because Alan Ryan is considered a true martyr to many involved in dissident republicanism, so to throw out his two brothers and two of his best pals is a major step."

Only last month Alan's brother, Dermot, addressed a republican gathering at a Derry cemetery after which a petrol bomb was thrown at a police Land Rover.

Dermot Ryan, a member of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, spoke on behalf of republican prisoners at the event in Derry.

Dermot's older brother Anthony (37) was previously jailed for three years after he pleaded guilty to receiving training from others in the use of firearms at Stamullen, Co Meath.

The charges related to a major Garda investigation in October 1999, at a farm in Co Louth and at a field at Stamullen.

Garda officers found an assault rifle, a sub machine gun, a semi-automatic pistol and ammunition in a cellar.

Gardai said it was a training camp set up by a paramilitary organisation styling itself Oglaigh na hEireann.

Both Anthony and Dermot were arrested by gardai in a high-profile operation after Alan's paramilitary funeral in Donaghmede, but were later released without charge.

The other two men who have been kicked out cannot be named here for legal reasons but one of them was involved in a courtroom incident last year in which he heckled a man charged in connection with Alan Ryan's murder.

The other man has been warned numerous times that his life is under threat from criminal gangs and faces serious extortion-related charges.

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