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#684358 - 12/19/12 10:00 AM Fulcro Operation Decimated the Fabbrocino clan
furio_from_naples Offline

Registered: 11/20/10
Posts: 1130

Loc: naples,italy
Decimated the clan Fabbrocino

Ottaviano is the city wheremany thought that after the fall of Raffaele Cutolo, and of the New Organized Camorra, the city along with its neighbors cityes, San giuseppe and Terzigno Palma Campania were in any way immune from the Camorra, however it is not so, so much so that have even arrested Pasquale Ciccareli that in 2009 tried to become mayor of Ottaviano, by a vote of exchange, but failed.

NAPLES. With a seizure of property for a value of 120 million euro and 24 arrests (4 more on the run) the Dia has dealt a blow to the clan Fabbrocino that the Vesuvian area had taken root in the North and Central Italy, through chains shops and supermarkets. The seizures were carried out in seven regions at 36 supporters or dummy. 80 companies in the sights of Milan, Brescia, Rome. In jail, the aspiring mayor of Ottaviano had turned to the clan for his election campaign

Names of those arrested in Operation Fulcrum

1) Bifulco Biagio born in Ottaviano 02/06/1956;

2) Cesarano Domenico born in Ottaviano 04/07/1955;

3) Luigi Ambrosio born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano on 21.11.1975;

4) Salvatore Ambrosino born in San Giuseppe on 01/02/1967 Vesuvius;

5) Umberto Ambrosio born in San Giuseppe on 04/09/1964 Vesuvius;

6) Annunziata Gennaro born in San Giuseppe on 28/03/1951 Vesuvius;

7) Annunziato Maurizio born on 17.09.1965 in Pompeii;

8) Beracci Quirino was born in Saviano on 04.06.1964;

9) Caliendo was born in San Giuseppe Giuseppe Vesuviano on 12/04/1961;

10) Dominic Casillo born in Terzigno on 22/02/1959;

11) Pasquale Ciccarelli born in Ottaviano 13.12.1952;

12) Biagio Ciccone born Nola on 20.04.1968;

13) Francesco Cozzolino born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano on 16/05/1966;

14) Vincent Del Giudice born Ottaviano 04/09/1940;

15) Ciro Di Pietro was born in Portici on 10.05.1957;

16) Fabbrocino Mario born in San Gennaro Vesuviano 1 '06/01/1956;

17) Falco Dominic born in the San Gennaro Vesuviano I 05/01/1969;

18) Ilardi Marino born in Stuttgart the I. 11.1973;

19) Miranda Salvatore born in San Giuseppe on 19/02/1967 Vesuvius;

20) Pagano Gennaro born in Ottaviano 07/07/1972;

21) Angelo Prisco born in Ottaviano 20/08/1966;

22) Silvio Ranieri born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano the I. 1.1966;

23) Vincenzo Sannino born in Naples on 30.8.1978;

24) Giovanni Sasso was born in Herculaneum on 11/06/1955.

Edited by furio_from_naples (12/19/12 02:11 PM)

#684417 - 12/19/12 03:57 PM Re: Fulcro Operation Decimated the Fabbrocino clan [Re: furio_from_naples]
Frank Offline

Registered: 01/22/11
Posts: 75

Loc: Naples,Italy
nice one. the clan fabbrocino has a an organizzation very similar to the american families


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