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#549816 - 07/23/09 03:11 PM San Francisco Mafia
DiMaggio68 Offline

Registered: 06/29/09
Posts: 372

Loc: CA
Francesco "Frank" Lanza

The San Francisco Crime Family was formed after the end of a gang war that started in 1928. Many street gangs were in a bloody battle to control bootlegging in the city. Francesco "Frank" Lanza was the leader of the toughest gang and became the first mob boss after the war ended in 1932. His family controlled loansharking, gambling, prostitution, narcotics and bootlegging. Lanza operated the San Francisco Fisherman's wharf with his business partner. His partner Giuseppe Alioto also found the International Fish Company. On July 14, 1937 Lanza died of natural causes at the age of 54. His son, James, would later take over as boss of the family.

Anthony Lima

Anthony Lima became the next boss following the death of Lanza. Lima was a Sicilian businessman who owned a car dealership. On April 27, 1953 Lima was sentenced to 20 years in state prison for grand theft. His power faded and his role as boss was replaced.

Michael Abati

Michael Abati became the boss in 1953. He was one of many Pennsylvania crime figures who migrated west. Abati was a suspect in the 1947 murder of Nick DeJohn. DeJohn's body was found strangled to death in a car parked on a San Francisco street. Eventually all charges were dropped. While boss he attended the raided mob summit known as Apalachin in November 1957 along with his underboss James "Jimmy the Hat" Lanza. Abati was one of many who were picked up by the authorities for suspicion. As a result to this he was deported back to Italy on July 8, 1961.

James "Jimmy the Hat" Lanza

James "Jimmy the Hat" Lanza would rise to become the most successful crime bosses over a very small family. He was well represented in Las Vegas by William "Bones" Remmer. He was their link to the casino skims. His long time underboss Gaspare "Bill" Sciortino, was the first cousin to the underboss of the Los Angeles family Samuel Sciortino. In 1976 Lanza was suspected of giving the permission for the murder of former Patriarca Crime Family associate, turned government witness, Joseph "The Animal" Barboza. Lanza paved the way for the L.A. family capo Aladena "Jimmy the Weasel" Fratianno to open operations based out of San Francisco. But Lanza ended his partnership with him in the late 1970s. This was a smart move on the part of Lanza because Fratianno would later testify against the mafia in multiple trials. On July 19, 1989 Lanza died of natural causes.

After Lanza

After the death of Lanza, It was unknown who actually took over the family. Many think San Francisco family associate Salvatore Amarena became the boss. Amarena was a well connected bars and restaurant owner. Born in Tampa, he first moved to Alabama in the early 1950s and opened up a restaurant. He was later placed in jail for operating gambling devices. He then moved to Havana, Cuba and operated a night club that was frequented by Trafficante family boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro himself. Amarena died of a heart attack in October 1990. Other sources say Frank "Skinny" Velotta took over the family after his release from prison in 1996. Velotta was a proffesional burglar and a close friend of Jimmy Fratianno. But according to mafia experts he was never a made member. By the start of the 1990s there were only 2 made members left in San Francisco, one was Sergio Maranghi who was involved in a drug bust in the early 1990s, and Gaetano "Tom" Balistreri who ran an illegal gambling operation out of his Portofino Cafe. The mafia in San Francisco has always been a minor leauge operation compared to even the medium-size LCN organizations. Today, the San Francisco family is defunct. The only made member left is Sergio Maranghi.

Edited by DiMaggio68 (07/24/09 04:24 PM)

#549895 - 07/24/09 12:59 AM Re: San Francisco Mafia [Re: DiMaggio68]
IvyLeague Offline

Registered: 08/13/08
Posts: 6779
You might be interested to know that somebody on another forum made the claim that Lanza did not die in 1989 but actually died in 2006. Check out the article below.
"If you believe there's a hell...I don't know if you're into that...but we're already pretty much going there, right? But I'm not going to lie down until I get there."

- Walter White

#549932 - 07/24/09 10:39 AM Re: San Francisco Mafia [Re: IvyLeague]
DiMaggio68 Offline

Registered: 06/29/09
Posts: 372

Loc: CA
Originally Posted By: IvyLeague
You might be interested to know that somebody on another forum made the claim that Lanza did not die in 1989 but actually died in 2006. Check out the article below.

Some people say It was actually him that died in 2006. But he also had cousins with the same name. Who knows?

#550053 - 07/25/09 11:20 AM Re: San Francisco Mafia [Re: DiMaggio68]
DiMaggio68 Offline

Registered: 06/29/09
Posts: 372

Loc: CA

1. Francesco "Frank" Lanza (1932-1937) The first San Francisco family boss.

2. Giuseppe "Joe" Lanza (1932-1950s) Was the brother of Francesco Lanza and a soldier.

3. Anthony Lima (1932-1953) The second Mafia boss of San Francisco.

4. Michael Abati (1932-1961) Became the boss after Lima.

5. Mario Balistreri (1932-1970) A known San Francisco mafioso.

6. James "Jimmy the Hat" Lanza (1945-1989) The last Mafia boss over San Francisco.

7. Filippo "Phil" Maita (1932-1979) Was the only consigliere of San Francisco.

8. Gaspare "Bill" Sciortino (1950-1987) Was the Underboss to James Lanza.

9. Gaetano "Tom" Balistreri (1948-2007) Was a known drug dealer and San Francisco family soldier.

10. Sergio Maranghi (1980-Present) The last known member left in San Francisco.


1. Giuseppe Alioto (1930s-1960s) Was a business partner of Francesco Lanza.

2. Salvatore Amarena (1960s-1990s) Was a close San Francisco family associate. Owned Sal's Espresso Cafe.

3. Abraham "Trigger Abe" Chapman (1940s-1990s) An alleged Bay Area hitman.

4. Frank "Skinny" Velotta (1970s-2004) Was a known San Francisco family associate and burglar.

5. William "Bones" Remmer (1960s-1970s) Was a close associate of San Francisco boss James Lanza.

6. Rudy Tham (1970s-1990s) A corrupt Teamster leader who was associated with known mobsters.

7. Joseph Alioto (1950s-1970s) A Mafia Lawyer who later became the Mayor of San Francisco.

8. Giovanni Toracca (1980s-Present) Was involved in a cocain smuggling operation in the early 90s.

9. Frank Balistreri (1980s-Present) The son of made member Gaetano "Tom" Balistreri who became involved in the same drug smuggling ring as Toracca.

Edited by DiMaggio68 (07/25/09 11:39 AM)

#581765 - 09/28/10 03:21 PM Re: San Francisco Mafia [Re: DiMaggio68]
Spark Offline

Registered: 12/17/09
Posts: 34
DiMaggio, some of the members you listed were only associates. This is the full list of the SF branch of LCN according to the real deal forum.

Abati, Michael "Mike"
* boss from 1953 until 1961
* deported to Italy on July 8, 1961
* born on February 12, 1895 in Corleone, Sicily
* died on September 5, 1962 in San Francisco, CA

Balistreri, Gaetano "Tom"
* soldier
* owner of Portofino Cafe
* born around 1921 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on May 9, 2007 in San Francisco, CA

Bruno, Vito
* soldier
* born on December 28, 1895 in Trapani, Sicily
* died around 1968 in San Francisco, CA

Genovese, Gregory William
* capo
* son of Joseph Genovese, member of the Bonanno Mafia Family
* married to Catherine Bonanno, daughter of Joseph Bonanno
* became a made member in 1965
* born on April 18, 1935 in Pittston, PA
* died on December 11, 1989 in San Mateo, CA

Lanza, Francesco "Frank"
* boss from 1932 until 1937
* co-owner of Fisherman's Wharf
* born on February 23, 1880 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on June 14, 1937 in San Francisco, CA

Lanza, Anthony "Tony"
* capo
* son of Francesco
* born around 1898 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on May 8, 1975 in San Francisco, CA

Lanza, James "Jimmy The Hat"
* boss from 1961 until 1989
* son of Francesco
* owner of Lanza Olive Oil Company
* born on October 25, 1902 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on February 14, 2006 in San Mateo, CA

LaRocca, Alphonse "Al"
* soldier
* owner of LaRocca & Sons Fish Company
* born on February 9, 1912 in San Francisco, CA
* died around 1985 in San Francisco, CA

Lima, Anthony
* boss from 1937 until 1953
* replaced when sentenced to five years in prison on April 27, 1953
* born on January 15, 1905 in Johnstown, PA
* died around 1973 in San Francisco, CA

Maita, Frank
* soldier
* born on July 12, 1890 in Palermo, Sicily
* died around 1964 in San Francisco, CA

Maita, Filippo "Phil"
* consigliere
* brother of Frank
* born around 1885 in Palermo, Sicily
* died in 1984

Maranghi, Sergio
* soldier
* owner of Anchor Bay Cafe
* moved to the Bay Area in 1978
* became a FBI informant in 1991
* born around 1938 in Florence, Italy
* reported to be still alive

Nani, Sebastiano
* soldier
* born on August 26, 1901 in Villabate, Sicily
* died around 1959 in New York City

Ricotta, Sam
* soldier
* born on November 24, 1893 in New York City
* died on April 17, 1958 in San Francisco, CA

Scappatura, Frank
* capo
* co-owner of Sunland Sales Company
* born around 1902 in Chicago, IL
* died around 1968 in San Francisco, CA

Sciortino, Gaspare "Bill"
* underboss
* cousin of Samuel Sciortino, member of L.A. Mafia Family
* born around 1914 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on December 16, 1987 in San Francisco, CA

Infusino, Vincenzo
* capo
* born on November 8, 1898 in Palermo, Sicily
* died on July 6, 1975 in Modesto, CA

Siragusa, Pasquale
* soldier
* born around 1893 in Siragusa, Sicily
* died on February 18, 1966 in San Francisco, CA

Taranto, Salvatore
* soldier
* born around 1896 in Palermo, Sicily
* died in 1970

Trifiro, Giacomo "Jack"
* soldier
* born around 1893 in Palermo, Sicily
* died in 1968

Trifiro, Steve
* soldier
* son of Giacomo
* became a made member in 1967
* born on October 10, 1915 in San Francisco, CA
* died around 2001 in Carmichael, CA


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