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May 27th, 2012
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"The Godfather Part IV" Script #534514
03/16/09 04:05 AM
03/16/09 04:05 AM
Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 206
The Army Barracks
The_Don_Is_Dead Offline OP
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The_Don_Is_Dead  Offline OP
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Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 206
The Army Barracks
The Legendary Plawrence (R.I.P) gave me an idea of doing the buffer between The Godfather Part II and III I am not going to copy him, and much rather than a book type this is gonna be a script, and it is somewhat of a fantasy as i would not like something like this made into film (Al is the only Mike, Richard Bright is the only Al Neri, Diane
Keaton is the only Kay and etc).
Also i am not an expert script writer, but all i am doing is writing the dialouge and the genral idea of what is happening.

Paramount Pictures logo hits the screen

we hear The Godfather theme song
then we get the black screen
Paramount Pictures Presents.....

(As we see the lake at the corner of Mikes Compound)
The Godfather
Part IV


Al Neri walks into view where Mike Corleone is sitting down on the couch.

Mike is quiet with a look of regret on his face but he still does his best not to show his emotion in front of Neri.

Mike: Sit down

Al sits on the opposite couch

Al: Look Mike, it was the right move you made, Fredo could of
gone against you again, you never know Mike.

Mike: That is why i told you to finish off our problem (in a cold manner)

(Al shows a little pale look of disbelief)

Al: What are you going to tell Connie Tom and the others?

Mike: He caught a heavy fish and while trying to pull it, he slipped over board, when you were trying to catch him, he was pulling you into the water, so you tried to save yourself with regret

Al: You had it all planned out?

Mike: It's not that hard Al.
(5 second silence)

Mike: Al, you and Rocco have been by my side since the New York days, you were in this family ever since 1952,i remember choosing you to become my right hand man at that time.
And now i think that after this service you have earned the right to start your own family.

Al: My own family? Jeez Mike.

Mike: You will directly report to me.

Al: Of course.
(Al gets on his knee and out of excitement kisses Michaels hand, showing some small emotion)

Mike: But you will do that after we get done with the party.

Al: Party?

Michael: I am throwing a birthday party for my son... his ninth


Tom Hagen gets driven to a Vegas penthouse.

The owner of the penthouse is a man by the name of Paul Cleruzio a (60 year old mobster) his brother Danny(a 65 year old mobster) had been in poor health recently. And Paul had requested the death of Danny due to him being jealous of his older brothers power

Tom Hagen enters the penthouse

A resting Paul: Mr Hagen please take a seat

Tom: Oh thank you. (giving a handshake to Paul)

Paul: I gotta stone in my shoe, i want it to be taken care of, my brother has been in poor health recently, this man will live another year, so he might as well go off of the face of this earth a little earlier, i have waited for 40 years for this to happen.

Tom: Mr Cleruzio, you mean to tell me, that you want your brother dead?

Paul: It has been 40 years, i have had enough of him being the head of The Cleruzio name.

Tom: Please Mr Cleruzio, i am just a lawyer, i am not looking to start fight here, i was just asking a mere question.

Paul: Uhhh, i am sorry, i get wound up each time when i talk about him, i just need a decent man to remove this problem.

Tom: Well whats in it for The Corleone family?

Paul: I have my own share in "The Grand Vegas Bank".

Tom: Well why wouldn't you just hire another man.

Paul: Corleones can get the job done, i am not interested in my own crew because it will be too obvious, i just need a man that won't ask any questions and get the job done.

Tom: Well, there is Michael Corleones son Anthony Corleones birthday party which will happen in a month.

Paul: Ok, i will ask Mr Corleone personally.

Tom: It has been nice to talk to you(He shaked Pauls hand and then left.


Willie Cicci gets out of his room and meets with his two FBI agents

FBI Agent 1: Hey Cic

FBI Agent 2: Hey how ya doin Cic?

Willie: Pretty good kids, you guys been behavin?

FBI Agent 2: Yeah, you happy for the turn out?

Willie: I ain't happy for my good friend Franks death.

FBI Agent 2: Those men are scum.

Willie: Yeah whatever.

The two FBI Agents escort Cicci to the next building where Cicci is going to learn his new identity.

Fade To Hagens hotel room

Phone rings and Hagen answers

Tom: Yeah?

Michael: it's me.

Tom: Mike?, what happened?

Michael: I need you to come back to the compound directly.

Tom: What happened?

Michael: I just need you to come over now.

Tom: Well my flight is scheduled for tomorrow.

Michael: I have sent a private jet to Vegas.
Make your way to Vegas airport now, this is an emergency.

Tom: Okay Mike. Hangs up phone.

To Be Continued.

The more i see, the less i know - John Lennon
Re: "The Godfather Part IV" Script [Re: The_Don_Is_Dead] #589702
01/02/11 03:30 AM
01/02/11 03:30 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
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NickGeraci Offline
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NickGeraci  Offline
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Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 115
very interesting...

"I Miss People, I Just Don't Remember Who They Are"

Re: "The Godfather Part IV" Script [Re: The_Don_Is_Dead] #697679
02/19/13 09:03 AM
02/19/13 09:03 AM
Joined: Feb 2013
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Sammy Offline
Sammy  Offline
Joined: Feb 2013
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Not bad at all

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