Murder of Raynald Desjardins' best friend No parole for one of the convicts

Considering his lack of motivation and that the risks of violent recidivism are high, especially if he starts associating with gang members again, the parole commissioners of Canada have refused to grant his parole to Edrick Antoine, sentenced to nine years. imprisonment for plotting the murder of Gaetan Gosselin, committed on January 31, 2013, in Montreal.

Gaetan Gosselin was Raynald Desjardins' best friend and trusted man, and took care of the latter's family, while the boss was detained, awaiting trial for the murder of aspiring godfather Salvatore Montagna .
Gosselin, 69, was killed while taking out his trash after running errands. He was shot dead by an individual who then fled in a car driven by Antoine.
The killers spied on their victim for at least two days. They did not take action the day before because a father and son were walking on the sidewalk as Gosselin returned home.

The assassination of Gaetan Gosselin has always been interpreted by the police as the accomplishment of the revenge of the former godfather of the Montreal mafia, Vito Rizzuto, against Desjardins, whose group was involved in a bloody putsch against the clan of Sicilians in 2009 and 2010.
But in the parole board decision, it is written that Antoine’s case file would indicate that the murder was committed in the context of maintaining control of drug trafficking in a territory.
“You say you learned that a rival gang was angry with you and one of your friends, and that you had no choice but to act if you wanted to stay alive. You saw murder as the only solution. You were comfortable with your involvement in the murder of an individual linked to organized crime, ”the commissioners write in their seven-page decision.
Deported to Canada

We learn that Antoine, 42, was born in Canada, but around the age of 5, he and his family moved to another country. He remained there until he was deported to Canada at the age of 19. His criminal career began two years later. Over the years, he has been charged with drug trafficking, conspiracy, possession of weapons, theft, extortion, threats and obstruction of justice. He was on probation at the time of Gosselin's murder.
The intelligence services identify Antoine as being linked to the street gangs of Red allegiance in the Montreal-North sector, which he admits while denying however being a leader.
Behind bars, Antoine was the subject of disciplinary reports; he allegedly threatened a correctional officer by telling him that he would find him after the end of his sentence, in 2023. Another time, he and co-accused delayed the count of inmates by prolonging their exercises in the gym of the jail. He was then moved from sector.
During the first six months following his conviction for the murder of Gaetan Gosselin, Antoine was placed in protection at the penitentiary because he allegedly had a contract on his head.
He continued to maintain ties with individuals linked to street gangs throughout his detention.
Antoine continued his studies, followed programs and worked in the penitentiary.
During the hearing, he said that his incarceration was the best thing that made him realize his lifestyle. He also said he finds it difficult not to see his family anymore. He added that his incarceration had deterrent effects but that to increase his chances of rehabilitation, he had to stay away from "negative" individuals.
“Your criminal history is acquisitive in nature, making money quickly and easily, with highly criminalized individuals. It demonstrates a deep-rooted, highly criminalized criminal attitude and a search for power to enforce your status within street gangs. At the time of your arrest, you were described as the leader of the red street gangs in Montreal-North, ”write the commissioners, before rejecting his request for release.
Raynald Desjardins, meanwhile, will be released after two-thirds of his sentence, under severe conditions, in the coming days.