Too Many Rats?

Posted By: Jimmy_Two_Times

Too Many Rats? - 12/05/18 08:08 PM

Just wanted to bounce this off the board. Does anyone else think that there were too many rats in the Soprano Family - and worse, many from the upper echelon of the family. Big Pussy (entrusted soldier and best friend of Tony), Jimmy Altieri (capo), the capo who was ratting the same time Big Pussy was (tall, skinny, glasses), and in the final episode the old guy (i believe he was a capo but could be wrong) whose son got pinched for running the sports book at his college.

From a television perspective, I get it - it moves the plot forward etc. But from a practical standpoint given the relative size of the family...
Posted By: RollinBones

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/05/18 08:46 PM

yeah it was a bit much, you figure with two capos ratting at the same time they would get enough to indict tony. but it's implied that carlo (the capo whose son gets arrested at the end) is going to bring down the house when he rats, so it's not quite as if all the snitching does no damage.
Posted By: JCrusher

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/05/18 10:53 PM

Yeah it got a bit silly. Plus you had higher level guys like pussy,eugene,and ray curto yet Tony didnt even sniff a jail cell. That and how strong they made jersey strong was inaccurate. I know its a show but it did bother me
Posted By: Jimmy_Two_Times

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/06/18 01:11 PM

Thanks for the response all! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't too off base. Huge fan of the show.
Posted By: Goldy

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/07/18 12:01 AM

We never see why Curto was a rat and had he not died he probably would have gotten Tony gone for life. Funny because in the scene immediately following Curto passing away in the FBI car Tony exclaims "Can't I catch a fuckin' break!?!?!" Little did he know he caught a huge one. Pussy didn't' really give the Feds much and him and Jimmy got killed before they could give the FEDS anything useful. Eugene we don't know either, he was gone before he could do any real damage. Before the timeline of the show started that "Febby" Petrulio did a ton of damage and got the boss DeMeo locked up for life. But it looks like at the end of the show Carlo was going to end Tony's run....Tony probably made his decision to rat that much easier since he was such an asshole to Carlo on a few occasions. Screaming at him in the car about Vito bringing in 3x what he did in the construction rackets for instance. Carl didn't appreciate that talking down to.
Posted By: Luxurydog

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/09/18 01:25 PM

I think it's funny how all the rats throughout the series somehow magically died. Johnny Soprano must be watching over Tony from hell or something.
Posted By: JCrusher

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/09/18 02:14 PM

Originally Posted by Luxurydog
I think it's funny how all the rats throughout the series somehow magically died. Johnny Soprano must be watching over Tony from hell or something.

Exactly. Obviously as a tv show they have forget believability but it was funny that every informant that was just about to tesify was murdered/committed suicide/dropped dead lol
Posted By: furio_from_naples

Re: Too Many Rats? - 12/13/18 05:49 PM

Speaking of the size even the Philly and Boston families that had more or less ther size of the sopranos had the same numbers of rats, the thing that makes the whole thing not believable is that all these rats have died before make any damage.In the real life horsehead scafidi flip on his friend Merlino like pussy bompensiero should do with Tony.
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